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Possible Welfare Benefits of a Basic Income Support: Evidence from a benefit incidence ...
Working Paper 886 The study investigates the potential welfare effe...
Published: 5 September 2023
Nicky Nicholls, Kehinde O. Omotoso, Eleni Yitbarek, Ramos Mabugu, Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
Presentation: Tariffs on basic foods: Evolution and impacts
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Published: 20 July 2023
Neva S. Makgetla
Workshop Presentation
Trade policy: Clipping South Africa’s wings
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Event: 19 July 2023
Published: 27 June 2023
Yash Ramkolowan, Sifiso Mahlaba, Lawrence Edwards, Matthew Stern, Neva S. Makgetla, Ayabonga Cawe
South Africa’s future will be decided in our cities
Discussion Document 14 South Africa’s cities face multiple, overlap...
Published: 23 June 2023
Dieter von Fintel, Justin Visagie, Ivan Turok, Takwanisa Machemedze, Claus Rabe, Sebastian Galiani, Edward Glaeser
Discussion Document
Place-based economic policies: international lessons for South Africa
Discussion Document 11 Place-based policies are designed to support...
Published: 22 May 2023
Harris Selod, Claus Rabe
Discussion Document
In memoriam Charles Simkins
Economist had a no-nonsense approach to analysing complicated pract...
Published: 15 December 2022
Politics Web
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?...
Occasional Paper 02 This annotated bibliography provides a non-exha...
Published: 12 September 2022
Zimbali Mncube, Vuyisiwe Mahafu, Kelle Howson
Occasional Paper
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?
Discussion Document 03 Much of the debate about the introduction of...
Published: 10 September 2022
Zimbali Mncube, Kelle Howson
Discussion Document
Universal Basic Income: How the experience in developing countries can inform the discu...
Discussion Document 01 This paper considers how the COVID-19 pandem...
Published: 30 August 2022
Jéssica Gagete-Miranda
Discussion Document
Import tariff pass-through effect and the spatial distribution of domestic consumer go...
The study of import tariffs pass-through has been observed to be cr...
Published: 28 August 2022
Haroon Bhorat, Everisto Mugocha
Working Paper
Gilad Isaacs: Study’s conclusion that a BIG is more pain than gain is not credible
Business Unity SA (Busa), with the support of Business Leadership S...
Published: 10 August 2022
Gilad Isaacs
Business Day
Small rise in employment is nothing to celebrate
Consensus is emerging that unemployment, inequality and poverty req...
Published: 2 June 2022
Isaah Mhlanga
Business Day
The long-term effects of early-life exposure to weather shocks: Evidence from Tanzania
We examine whether early-life exposure to rainfall shocks has a lon...
Published: 29 April 2022
Ermias G. Weldesenbet
Working Paper
Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old ...
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
Published: 20 October 2020
Joseph Ajefu, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Does Child Support Grant incentivise childbirth in South Africa?
We consider the perverse incentive that can be created for poor hou...
Published: 30 September 2020
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
The household effects of very large electricity tariff hikes in Zambia
This paper simulates the real household expenditure effects of elec...
Published: 16 November 2018
Akabondo Kabechani, Mashekwa Maboshe, Grieve Chelwa
Policy Brief
Female household headship and poverty in South Africa: an employment-based analysis
Female household headship is generally associated with higher pover...
Published: 7 August 2018
Catherine Ndinda, Chijioke O. Nwosu
Working Paper
Black living standards in South Africa before democracy
The history of living standards in South Africa is a complex and in...
Published: 22 August 2017
Bokang Mpeta, Kris Inwood, Johan Fourie
Policy Brief
Effects of wildlife resources on community welfare: Income, poverty and inequality
This paper demonstrates the importance of wildlife in the portfolio...
Published: 27 September 2016
Edwin Muchapondwa, Herbert Ntuli
Working Paper
“Sometimes you don't make enough to buy food” - an analysis of South African street was...
In this paper we use income data of 873 street waste pickers in Sou...
Published: 28 April 2016
Kotie J. M. M. Viljoen, Catherina J. Schenck, Phillip F. Blaauw
Working Paper
User Fee Abolition in South Africa: 1994 and 1996
In addition to birthing a new Democracy, 1994 was the beginning of ...
Published: 7 April 2015
Steven F. Koch
Policy Brief
Recurrent Property Rates - The Search for a Fair Tax Conducive to Economic Growth
The conflict between the need to attend to acute poverty in the pre...
Published: 26 March 2014
David Garber
Policy Brief
The Effect of Land Restitution on Poverty Reduction Among the Khomani San "Bushmen" in ...
This paper looks at the impact of land restitution involving the Kh...
Published: 10 June 2013
Johane Dikgang, Edwin Muchapondwa
Working Paper
Poverty and headship in post-apartheid South Africa, 1997-2008
In this paper, I investigate the characteristics and poverty status...
Published: 26 September 2012
Michael Rogan
Working Paper
What are the Distributional Implications of Halving Poverty in South Africa when Growth...
The South African government has set a target of halving poverty by...
Published: 23 September 2012
Fiona Tregenna
Working Paper
Who would eat more with a food voucher programme in South Africa
What might seem like a good idea for satisfying the hungry is likel...
Published: 27 September 2009
Jan H. van Heerden
Policy Brief
The private sector has a role to play in cash transfers programmes in Africa
Arguments for greater participation by the private sector in growth...
Published: 27 September 2009
Sheshangai Kaniki
Policy Brief
The wealth of some and the poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Paper (Interest) 20 The economic growth performance of Sub S...
Published: 27 September 2001
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper

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