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UK – SA International Economic Partnership 

About the IEP Programme

The International Economic Partnership (IEP) is a programme which works through the global economic governance system to strengthen the influence of coalitions between South Africa, the UK and other low or middle-income countries, to bring about better pro-poor, inclusive policymaking, and a stronger economic recovery from COVID-19.

Specifically, the programme aims to forge new ways of collaboration between the UK and South African governments in supporting South Africa’s G20 presidency in 2025, while unlocking structural barriers to growth, promoting monetary and fiscal policy coordination and improved government coordination within South Africa.

The programme’s three main focusses are:

  • Macroeconomic stability and coordination

The IEP focusses on monetary policy, macroeconomic policy and coordination between monetary and fiscal policies. It also aims to provide thematic support for the G20 and specifically South Africa’s presidency in 2025.

  • Fiscal reforms

The programme supports the reform of fiscal policies.

  • Structural reforms

The programme focusses on trade and industrial policy interventions.


In addition, the programme pursues three cross-cutting themes:

  • G20 and the international rules-based agenda, ensuring alignment with the overarching theme of the IEP programme.
  • Capacity building and economic modelling, through technical assistance training or capacity building, mentoring, and building communities of practice through policy dialogues, workshops, roundtables and other similar fora.
  • Gender mainstreaming and gender transformation, through the implementation of specific activities, as far as appropriate and possible.


The IEP is implemented by DNA Economics, Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). It runs until 2027.

Our Team

Kathy Nicolaou-Manias

Programme Director

The programme is led by director, Ms Kathy Nicolaou-Manias, an experienced policy development, economic and technical advisor. Kathy held a number of different positions within South Africa’s public services including an Economic Development Technical Advisor at Treasury’s Government Technical Advisory Centre, Head of the Illicit Flows Unit at the Financial Intelligence Centre, Economic Advisor to the MEC of Economic Development in Gauteng and Head of Beneficiary Transfers at the South African Social Security Agency. She has provided technical advice to numerous donors and multi-lateral agencies and is UNECA’s Regional Technical Advisor on...

Previlage Chidzewere

Programme Manager

Mr Previlage Chidzewere, is a Business Development and Project Management Specialist at DNA Economics. Previlage has overseen large-scale donor funded programmes and has significant experience in managing international projects, facilitating strategic dialogues, conceptualising, planning, as well as implementing multi-stakeholder and cross-regional programmes in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa. He has a strong understanding of regional development work, including the maintenance of relationships with key stakeholders, including government, donors, civil society, and the private sector. Previlage holds a Master’s degree in Public and Develo...


Should there be any queries regarding this programme, please contact  Kathy Nicolaou-Manias or complete the contact form below:

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