In memoriam Charles Simkins

15 December 2022
Publisher: Politics Web

Economist had a no-nonsense approach to analysing complicated practical issues confronting SA society.

It is with great sadness that the Helen Suzman Foundation has received news of the death of Charles Simkins. He had been in hospital over the past few months and had, until his illness, been head of research at the Foundation, a position he had held for 8 years…


Some ERSA publications by Charles Simkins:

Policy Paper 05: Higher Education

Policy Paper 06: School Quality

Working Paper 031: The Determinants of Educational Attainment

Working Paper 138: Economic Growth in South Africa since the late nineteenth century

To celebrate his work and contribution to the field, ERSA created its first and only Festschrift in 2017, a “Festschrift for Charles Edward Wickens Simkins”, edited by Johannes W. Fedderke.

To learn more about this, please contact us at info@econrsa.org.