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Assessing the Impact of Environmental Policies on South African Trade
Discussion Document 16 South Africa’s economy is highly reliant ...
Gracelin Baskaran
Discussion Document
Request for Proposals: Back to inflation
Back to inflation In the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC),...
Call for Work
Delivering a difficult MTBPS
Running up to the elections next year, this was a difficult MTBPS t...
Margaux Giannaros, Isaah Mhlanga
Request for Proposals: The role of cities as drivers of growth and employment
Background Urbanization in South Africa is expected to reach 80% by...
Call for Work
Presentation: The consumer price effects of specific trade policy restrictions in South...
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Lawrence Edwards
Workshop Presentation
Presentation: Tariffs on basic foods: Evolution and impacts
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Neva S. Makgetla
Workshop Presentation
A review of the strategies adopted between 2015 and 2022 towards two South African loca...
Working Paper 885 This paper reviews combined local and national go...
Marius van der Merwe, Stephen G. Hosking
Working Paper
Trade policy: Clipping South Africa’s wings
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Event: 19 July 2023
Yash Ramkolowan, Sifiso Mahlaba, Lawrence Edwards, Matthew Stern, Neva S. Makgetla, Ayabonga Cawe
Call for Papers: Monetary Economics and Macroeconomic Modelling Workshop
In the last few years there has been a large increase in work on ma...
Submit paper: 21 January 2011
Call for Papers
Call for Application: Training Workshop for Graduate Students: South African Economic H...
South African economic history is undergoing a mini-revolution. Ass...
Call for Application
Call for Papers: An ERSA Research Workshop: The fiscal history of Sub-Saharan Africa
The public finances of African governments in the colonial and post...
Submit paper: 4 May 2015
Call for Papers
Cities, productivity and Jobs in SA: Problems and potential
Discussion Document 12 Cities contribute to national prosperity bec...
Ivan Turok, Justin Visagie
Discussion Document
What luminosity data can and cannot reveal about South Africa’s urban economies
Discussion Document 10 As novel types of data are becoming availabl...
Takwanisa Machemedze
Discussion Document
Can we shield South Africa from climate change?
The country could become an apocalyptic wasteland if it fails to ta...
Claire Bisseker
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CVM3 Regional Workshop Presentation: Southern Africa
Global temperatures have already increased by 1.1°C relative to pre...
Brent Cloete
Workshop Presentation
Climate Vulnerability of Southern Africa
Occasional Paper 03 Global temperatures have already increased by 1...
Brent Cloete
Occasional Paper
Importance of employment programs for the youth in South Africa
Discussion Document 08 The present report reviews the literature on...
Michelle Pleace, Jéssica Gagete-Miranda
Discussion Document
CVM3 Regional Workshop: South Africa
As a regional partner of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) and Vul...
Theresa Mazarire, Timothy Thomas, Gracelin Baskaran, Brent Cloete, Matthew Simmonds
In memoriam Charles Simkins
Economist had a no-nonsense approach to analysing complicated pract...
Politics Web
Fitch affirms SA's sub-investment grade, stable outlook
Bradley Kent
Modelling required energy consumption with equivalence
This study proposes an equivalence scale model for required energy ...
Yuxiang Ye, Steven F. Koch, Jiangfeng Zhang
Working Paper
South Africa’s yield curve conundrum
Discussion Document 07 South Africa’s sovereign yield curve is one ...
Ruan Erasmus, Daan Steenkamp
Discussion Document
Why and how to measure the contribution of South Africa’s ocean economy
This paper articulates why it is important to measure the contribut...
Odwa Mtati, Stephen G. Hosking
Working Paper
Local-Currency sovereign risk on South African government bonds
While local-currency bond markets have become a dominant source of ...
Mulalo Mamburu
Working Paper
Economic impacts of FATF recommendations and grey-listing announcement
Discussion Document 05 This Discussion Document summarises the rece...
Lucas A. Mariani, Jacobus Nel
Discussion Document
A basic income grant for South Africa
More money in poor people’s pockets, but at a heavy cost. Analyses ...
Roy Havemann, Hylton Hollander, Daan Steenkamp
Money Web
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?...
Occasional Paper 02 This annotated bibliography provides a non-exha...
Zimbali Mncube, Vuyisiwe Mahafu, Kelle Howson
Occasional Paper
Characteristics of the South African retirement fund industry
Using administrative data, we examine three characteristics of the ...
Neryvia Pillay Bell, Johannes W. Fedderke
Working Paper
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?
Discussion Document 03 Much of the debate about the introduction of...
Zimbali Mncube, Kelle Howson
Discussion Document
Why SA isn’t getting the growth it needs
The Covid Project — a research project to assess SA’s economic pros...
Claire Bisseker
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COVID-19 and the South African Economy
Discussion Document 02 As South Africa looks to navigate itself out...
Matthew Stern, Christopher Loewald
Discussion Document
Universal Basic Income: How the experience in developing countries can inform the discu...
Discussion Document 01 This paper considers how the COVID-19 pandem...
Jéssica Gagete-Miranda
Discussion Document
The impact of mobile phones on change in employment status in South Africa
Research on the impact of mobile phones on change in employment sta...
Zubair Patel, Lukasz Grzybowski
Workshop Presentation
Analysis of gender gaps and differences in access to and use of digital technologies in...
Research on gender gaps and differences in access to and use of dig...
Workshop Presentation
Small rise in employment is nothing to celebrate
Consensus is emerging that unemployment, inequality and poverty req...
Isaah Mhlanga
Business Day
Tough choices will remain for SA when unearned respite fades
SA has been a relatively good story in the emerging-market world si...
Isaah Mhlanga
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