Keyword: Development Economics

Tax effort and capacity in developing countries: Unravelling the impact of the informal...
Working paper 889 This study focuses on estimating the tax effort i...
Published: 26 September 2023
Ezekiel Lengaram
Working Paper
In memoriam Charles Simkins
Economist had a no-nonsense approach to analysing complicated pract...
Published: 15 December 2022
Politics Web
Why SA isn’t getting the growth it needs
The Covid Project — a research project to assess SA’s economic pros...
Published: 10 September 2022
Claire Bisseker
Business Live
Revisiting the accuracy of inflation forecasts in Nigeria: The oil price-exchange rate-...
Motivated by the distinctive paradoxical nature of the Nigerian eco...
Published: 8 March 2022
Yusuf Yakubua, Ojo Adelakun, Kazeem Isah, Elias Udeaja, Abdulkader C. Mahomedy
Working Paper
Household debt and consumption dynamics: A non-developed world view following the financ...
According to recent macroeconomic evidence (Bosch and Koch 2020b; F...
Published: 30 July 2021
Matthew W. Clance, Steven F. Koch, Adél Bosch
Working Paper
Addressing low labour utilisation in South Africa
Policy Paper 27 South Africa’s stubbornly low labour utilisation ra...
Published: 28 June 2021
Christopher Loewald, Konstantin Makrelov, Andreas Wörgötter
Policy Paper
Timothy Köhler on SA’s labour market: is a national lockdown as severe as we think?
It is just over a year since South Africa had to succumb to what wa...
Published: 21 May 2021
Timothy Köhler
Understanding the behaviour of house prices and household income per capita in South Af...
Homeownership by the lower and middle-income households is crucial ...
Published: 29 March 2021
Pieter Opperman, Anthanasius F. Tita
Working Paper
The effect of colonial and pre-colonial institutions on contemporary education in Africa
This paper argues that contrary to previous findings, present-day e...
Published: 1 February 2021
Matthew W. Clance, Leoné Walters, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
Estimating a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve
This paper estimates a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve for South ...
Published: 20 January 2021
Nicola Viegi, Vincent Dadam
Working Paper
The effects of technology intensity in manufacturing on CO2 emissions: Evidence from de...
Industrialisation is recognised as important for developing countri...
Published: 15 January 2021
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo
Working Paper
Measuring energy poverty in South Africa based on household required energy consumption
Energy poverty is a major concern in most of developing countries w...
Published: 15 December 2020
Steven F. Koch, Yuxiang Yeú
Working Paper
How Buoyant Is the South African Tax System? An ARDL Approach
This study aims to scrutinize the responsiveness of the South Afric...
Published: 22 September 2020
Nyasha Mahonye, Baneng Naape
Working Paper
A Sequence to Reverse Poverty: Institutions, State Capacity and Human Empowerment
This paper explores the fundamental or deep causes of poverty persi...
Published: 3 September 2020
Sansia Blackmore, Reneé van Eyden
Working Paper
Monetary policy and inequality
South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world and ...
Published: 30 July 2020
Neryvia Pillay Bell
Policy Brief
Who benefits from being self-employed in urban Ghana?
The income gap between the self-employed and wage earners is of int...
Published: 21 May 2019
Adeola Oyenubi
Policy Brief
Risk Preferences and the Impact of Credit and Insurance on Farm Technology Uptake
We use a series of credit and insurance simulation games to test th...
Published: 27 March 2019
Martine Visser, Kerri Brick, Hafsah Jumare
Working Paper
Risk Preferences and the Poverty Trap: A Look at Technology Uptake amongst Smallholder ...
A number of studies suggest the risk preference of low income indiv...
Published: 9 January 2018
Martine Visser, Kerri Brick, Hafsah Jumare
Working Paper
Labour market impact of internal in-migration: A district level analysis of South Africa
Despite the lack of clarity in literature with regards to the quest...
Published: 21 February 2017
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil
Working Paper
Impact of internal in- migration on income inequality in receiving areas: A district le...
The impact of internal migration on regional income inequality of t...
Published: 31 October 2016
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil
Policy Brief
“Sometimes you don't make enough to buy food” - an analysis of South African street was...
In this paper we use income data of 873 street waste pickers in Sou...
Published: 28 April 2016
Kotie J. M. M. Viljoen, Catherina J. Schenck, Phillip F. Blaauw
Working Paper
Sometimes you don’t make enough money to buy food: An analysis of South African street ...
One of the aims of the National Development Plan (NDP) is the eradi...
Published: 12 April 2016
Kotie J. M. M. Viljoen, Catherina J. Schenck, Phillip F. Blaauw
Policy Brief
Inflation, growth and employment in South Africa: Trends and trade-offs
It is often publicly contended that overly strict application of in...
Published: 14 September 2015
Cobus Vermeulen
Working Paper
How do we explain the persistently high rate of unemployment in South Africa? Exploring...
Our research attempted to quantify the magnitude of shifts in indus...
Published: 26 May 2015
Marthinus C. Breitenbach, Heinrich R. Bohlmann
Policy Brief
“I would rather have a decent job”: Barriers preventing street waste pickers from impro...
As a result of the high levels of unemployment in South Africa many...
Published: 9 February 2015
Kotie J. M. M. Viljoen, Phillip F. Blaauw, Rinie Schenck
Working Paper
Effects of reducing tariffs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): A CGE analysis
In this paper, the effects of reducing tariffs are analysed through...
Published: 2 October 2014
Jean L. Erero, Daniel D. Pambudi, Lumengo Bonga-Bonga
Working Paper
Land use in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
This paper examines the effects of land use in the DRC through the ...
Published: 6 December 2013
Bonga B. Lumengo, Jean L. Erero, Daniel D. Pambudi
Working Paper
A Sticky Information Phillips Curve for South Africa
Mankiw and Reis (2002) propose the Sticky Information Phillips Curv...
Published: 24 October 2013
Monique Reid, Gideon Du Rand
Working Paper
Wage subsidy in the DRC: A CGE analysis
This paper analyses wage subsidies on lower-skilled formal workers ...
Published: 9 September 2013
Jean L. Erero, Daniel D. Pambudi, Lumengo Bonga-Bonga
Working Paper
International Trade and Labour Demand Elasticities: Is there Any Empirical Evidence fro...
There are various pathways through which the impact of trade openne...
Published: 29 July 2013
Abdulkader C. Mahomedy
Working Paper
Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative: Why Some Countries Complete the Programme Faster...
The Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative has been one o...
Published: 23 April 2013
William Akoto
Working Paper
Concentration Measures as an element in testing the structure-conduct-performance paradigm
The original structure-conduct-performance (SCP) paradigm, accordin...
Published: 23 April 2013
Johann du Pisanie
Working Paper
Institutional Quality and Debt Relief: A Political Economy Approach
Recent shifts in the global debt relief architecture has meant that...
Published: 28 March 2013
William Akoto
Working Paper
Happy in the Informal Economy? A Case Study of Well-Being Among Day Labourers in South ...
Past research provided evidence of the negative effect that individ...
Published: 22 March 2013
Phillip F. Blaauw, Rinie Schenck, Ilse Botha, Christie Schoeman
Working Paper
A history with evidence: Income inequality in the Dutch Cape Colony
The arrival of European settlers at the Cape in 1652 marked the beg...
Published: 22 September 2012
Johan Fourie, Dieter von Fintel
Working Paper
Income Inequality, Reciprocity and Public Good Provision: An Experimental Analysis Begg...
This paper analyses the impact of income inequality on public good ...
Published: 20 September 2012
Andre Hofmeyr, Martine Visser, Justine Burns
Working Paper

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