Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) is a platform that supports the development of economic policy by connecting economic research to national policy debate and identifying areas of future research. Our network draws on a broad range of economic researchers and policymakers from a variety of academic, private and government institutions. We encourage the creation, dissemination and discussion of independent and expert economic policy-oriented research.

Latest publications

ERSA's economic research encompasses a wide range of policy-oriented topics within our core research programmes. Besides the academic ERSA Working Paper Series, we also publish additional policy papers, policy briefs and economic notes, which we share below.

Economic Note
Lower inflation to help unlock credit
Working Paper
Unleashing International Trade through Financial Integration: Evidence from a Cross- Bo...
Economic Note
The Decade of Distraction: The impact of capital flows on economic policy making
Discussion Document
Assessing the Impact of Environmental Policies on South African Trade