Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) is a platform that supports the development of economic policy by connecting economic research to national policy debate and identifying areas of future research. Our network draws a broad and representative range of economic researchers and policy makers from a variety of academic, financial and government institutions. In this way, ERSA encourages the creation, dissemination and discussion of independent and expert economic policy-oriented research.


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Latest publications

Unleashing International Trade through Financial Integration: Evidence from a Cross- Border Payment System
The Decade of Distraction: The impact of capital flows on economic policy making
Economic Note subtitle-for-listings
Assessing the Impact of Environmental Policies on South African Trade
The South African sovereign term premium and its drivers
Tax effort and capacity in developing countries: Unravelling the impact of the informal economy
Banks’ Physical Footprint and Financial Technology Adoption
Possible Welfare Benefits of a Basic Income Support: Evidence from a benefit incidence analysis in South Africa
International Lending Channel, Bank Heterogeneity and Capital Inflows (Mis)Allocation
Presentation: The consumer price effects of specific trade policy restrictions in South Africa
Presentation: Tariffs on basic foods: Evolution and impacts
A review of the strategies adopted between 2015 and 2022 towards two South African local government water supply crises
South Africa’s future will be decided in our cities
Monitoring South Africa’s metropolitan economies: A survey of the data landscape
Cities, productivity and Jobs in SA: Problems and potential
Place-based economic policies: international lessons for South Africa
What luminosity data can and cannot reveal about South Africa’s urban economies
Crime: A policy-oriented survey
Demographic changes and asset prices in an overlapping generations model
Foresight Africa 2023: Presentation
Sanctioned quotas vs information provisioning for community wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe: A framed field experiment approach
CVM3 Regional Workshop Presentation: Southern Africa
Climate Vulnerability of Southern Africa
Importance of employment programs for the youth in South Africa
Climate Vulnerability Monitor Key Points
Climate Vulnerability Monitor, 3rd Edition (CVM3)
Modelling required energy consumption with equivalence
South Africa’s yield curve conundrum
Why and how to measure the contribution of South Africa’s ocean economy
Local-Currency sovereign risk on South African government bonds
A systematic and historical review of basic income support programs in middle-income countries
Economic impacts of FATF recommendations and grey-listing announcement
The macroeconomics of establishing a basic income grant in South Africa
Technical background paper: The macroeconomics of establishing a basic income grant in South Africa
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa? Annotated Bibliography
Characteristics of the South African retirement fund industry
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?



In collaboration with ERSA (Economic Research Southern Africa)

The inaugural PSG #ThinkBigSA competition

Submission deadline: 30 August 2024

Latest research projects

IEP Programme

Introducing the International Economic Partnership (IEP) Programme: A visionary programme which works through the global economic governance system to strengthen the influence of coalitions between South Africa, the UK and other low or middle-income countries, to bring about better pro-poor, inclusive policymaking, and a stronger economic recovery from COVID-19.

Specifically, the programme aims to forge new ways of collaboration between the UK and South African governments in supporting South Africa’s G20 presidency in 2025, while unlocking structural barriers to growth, promoting monetary and fiscal policy coordination and improved government coordination within South Africa.


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