Keyword: International Agreements 

Human capital and the timing of the first birth
This paper constructs and partially characterizes the solution of a...
Jesse Naidoo
Working Paper
Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
Policy Paper 26 South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest ...
Matthew Stern, Yash Ramkolowan
Policy Paper
Policy Bulletin 02: Reflections on Aspects of Public Finance and Fiscal Policy in South...
After the COVID-19 crisis is over, South Africa will face a fiscal ...
Estian Calitz
Policy Bulletin
The J–Curve Phenomenon: Evidence from Commodity Trade Between South Africa and the Unit...
Previous studies on the J–curve phenomenon for South Africa have be...
Hammed Amusa, David Fadiran
Working Paper
Spatial Externality, Openness and Financial Development in SADC: Beyond the Multilatera...
Economic variables tend to exhibit variation not only over time, bu...
Pierre Le Roux, Alex Bara, Gift Mugano
Policy Brief
Foreign aid and foreign direct investment in Sub-Sahara Africa: A panel data analysis
This study examines the relationship between foreign aid and foreig...
Nara Monkam, Kafayat Amusa, Nicola Viegi
Policy Brief
The Impact of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Agreement on the South African ...
This paper analyses the effects of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite F...
Heinrich R. Bohlmann, Matthew W. Clance, Leoné Walters
Working Paper
The political and economic dynamics of foreign aid: A case study of United States and C...
The study revisits the issue of the determinants of (development) a...
Nara Monkam, Kafayat Amusa, Nicola Viegi
Policy Brief
Bilateral Investment Treaties: An unfair proposition for Developing countries
After the explosive expansion of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT...
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil
Policy Brief
Foreign aid and Foreign direct investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: A panel data analysis
Funding constraints experienced by Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countr...
Nicola Viegi, Nara Monkam, Kafayat Amusa
Working Paper
The Political and Economic Dynamics of Foreign Aid in Africa: A case study of United St...
The foreign aid arena as it pertains to the African continent has t...
Nara Monkam, Kafayat Amusa, Nicola Viegi
Working Paper
Globalisation and Conflicts: A Theoretical Approach
This paper is aimed at providing insights into the interplay betwee...
Matthew W. Clance, André C. Jordaan, Bonginkosi Mamba
Working Paper
Debt sustainability and financial crises in South Africa
This study assesses debt sustainability in South Africa allowing fo...
Ruthira Naraidoo, Leroi Raputsoane
Working Paper
Anatomy of the Southern African Customs Union: Structure and Revenue Volatility
This paper studies the evolution of the Southern African Customs Un...
Harold P. E. Ngawala
Working Paper
Southern African Customs Union Revenue, Public Expenditures and HIV/AIDS in BLNS Countries
This study sets out to investigate how revenue from the Southern Af...
Harold P. E. Ngawala
Working Paper
Monetary Policy Response to Foreign Aid in an Estimated DSGE Model of Malawi
This paper estimates a Bayesian Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibr...
Manoel Bittencourt, Chance Mwabutwa, Nicola Viegi
Working Paper
Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative: Why Some Countries Complete the Programme Faster...
The Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative has been one o...
William Akoto
Working Paper
Institutional Quality and Debt Relief: A Political Economy Approach
Recent shifts in the global debt relief architecture has meant that...
William Akoto
Working Paper
Is Africa Integrating? Evidence from Product Markets
Integration into the global trading environment is viewed as a key ...
Neil Rankin, Lawrence Edwards
Working Paper

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