Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy

29 July 2021
Event type: Dialogue
JEL Code: F13, F41, F68, H12, H54, O24, O25
Event date: 11 August 2021
- 11 August 2021

The discussion is based on two papers: Covid-19 and Lockdown Policies: A Structural Simulation Model of a Bottom-Up Recession in Four Countries by Sherman Robinson, Stephanie Levy, Victor Hernández, Rob Davies, Raul Hinojosa, Sherwin Gabriel, Channing Arndt, Dirk van Seventer, and Marcelo Pleitez and Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance by Matthew Stern and Yash Ramkolowan.

Improving South Africa’s international competitiveness requires both an understanding of the constraints facing the manufacturing and export sectors as well as a novel approach to trade negotiations.

  • How can the impact of Covid-19 pandemic shocks and economic stimulus packages be modelled?
  • How are structural issues accounted for in different modelling strategies?
  • As a small, open economy heavily dependent on imports and commodities, what role does South Africa play in Africa?
  • Why has South Africa’s external competitiveness declined?
  • What role do trade and industrial policy play in addressing South Africa’s poor trade performance?