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Shedding light on AGOA
This week, after much anticipation, the AGOA Forum was hosted in Na...
Gracelin Baskaran, Margaux Giannaros
Tax effort and capacity in developing countries: Unravelling the impact of the informal...
Working paper 889 This study focuses on estimating the tax effort i...
Ezekiel Lengaram
Working Paper
Part 4: Building back for a sustainable future
The discussion is based on two papers: , by Channing Arndt, Robert ...
Witness Simbanegavi, Matthew Simmonds, IFPRI, GIZ, ERSA, Channing Arndt
Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy
The discussion is based on two papers: and Understanding South Afr...
Sherman Robinson, Montford Mlachila, Matthew Simmonds, Marianne Matthee, Matthew Stern
Part 2: Recovery policies and labour utilization
The discussion is based on two research papers: and Addressing low...
Matthew Simmonds, Witness Simbanegavi, Sherwin Gabriel, Romain A. Duval, Murray Leibbrandt, Andreas Wörgötter
Part 4: Towards a fiscal policy that supports economic recovery while achieving sustain...
Drawing on the discussions in the previous 3 sessions, session 4 wi...
Matthew Simmonds, Ricardo Hausmann, Laurence Harris, Johannes W. Fedderke, Federico Sturzenegger, Abebe Selassie
Part 3: The role of fiscal policy in the post-Corona economic recovery
South Africa has a comparably large government sector, and the choi...
Christopher Loewald, Matthew Simmonds, Xavier Debrun, Mamokete Lijane, Gilad Isaacs, Federico Sturzenegger, Andrew Donaldson
Part 2: Financing the budget in the post-Corona world
Matthew delves into what financing the budget deficit in the post-C...
Brian Kantor, Matthew Simmonds, Xavier Debrun, Tshepiso Moahloli, Owen Willcox, Mamokete Lijane, Lucio Castro, Ian Stuart
Part 1: Understanding the concept of "fiscal sustainability" in the post-Corona world
Debt sustainability is equivalent to government solvency and from a...
Tshepiso Moahloli, Owen Willcox, Ian Stuart, Mamokete Lijane, Brian Kantor, Xavier Debrun, Lucio Castro
The measurement of institutions and instability in Democratic Republic of Congo, 1880-2010
This paper introduces a new database for Property Rights, Political...
Alain P. Bala
Policy Brief
Family-type Public Goods and Intra-Household Decision-Making by Co-Resident South Afric...
Intra-household decision-making is a fundamental development issue,...
Frederik Booysen, Sevias Guvuriro
Policy Brief
Teacher human capital, teacher effort and student achievements in Kenya
Although research generally shows that teachers matter for student ...
Justine Burns, Fredrick M. Wamalwa
Policy Brief
Black living standards in South Africa before democracy
The history of living standards in South Africa is a complex and in...
Bokang Mpeta, Kris Inwood, Johan Fourie
Policy Brief
Spatial Externality, Openness and Financial Development in SADC: Beyond the Multilatera...
Economic variables tend to exhibit variation not only over time, bu...
Pierre Le Roux, Alex Bara, Gift Mugano
Policy Brief
7th Annual Meeting of the African Economic History Network: Innovation and the African ...
The African Economic History Network, in association with the Labor...
Laboratory for the Economics Africa’s Past, Harvard University’s Centre for African African Studies, ERSA, African Economic History Network
Measurement and analysis of the evolution of institutions in Nigeria
“Institutions matter” has become a generally accepted premise in de...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Mare Sarr, David O. Fadiran
Working Paper
Path dependence and interdependence between institutions and development
Path dependence theory, within the institutions context, means that...
Mare Sarr, David Fadiran
Policy Brief
Foreign Firm Ownership and Productivity Spillovers in the Southern African Development ...
The study uses firm level data from the World Bank Enterprise Surve...
John P. Dunne, Nicholas Masiyandima
Working Paper
Emerging multinational corporations: A prominent player in the global economy
As emerging market multinational corporations (EMNCs) tend to remar...
André C. Jordaan, Mustafa Sakr
Policy Brief
Occidental Rationalism: Its Early Impact on the Foundations of Modern Science
Rationalist thought has had a deep and lasting impact on modern civ...
Abdulkader C. Mahomedy
Working Paper
Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth in the SADC
Attaining high levels of economic growth and development has been o...
Pierre Le Roux, Clement Moyo
Policy Brief
Diagnosing Deep Roots of Development: Genetic, Disease and Environmental Factors
We examine the association between indicators of real GDP per capit...
Valerio Napolioni, Robert E. Klitgaard, Johannes W. Fedderke, James P. MacMurray
Working Paper
The Impact of the Slave Trade on Literacy in Africa: Evidence from the Colonial Era
Recent studies have highlighted the importance of Africa’s hi...
Nonso Obikili
Working Paper
The quantitative Cape: Notes from a new Histriography of the Dutch Cape Colony
The digitisation and transcription of rich archival sources and the...
Johan Fourie
Working Paper
Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative: Why Some Countries Complete the Programme Faster...
The Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative has been one o...
William Akoto
Working Paper
Yet Another Look at the Modernisation Hypothesis: Evidence from South America
We investigate in this paper whether the exogenous version of the m...
Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
Institutional Quality and Debt Relief: A Political Economy Approach
Recent shifts in the global debt relief architecture has meant that...
William Akoto
Working Paper
The economics of apartheid
The Economics of Apartheid Apartheid remains a contentious issue. I...
Aftercare of inward foreign direct investment: A case study of South Africa
Attraction of new inward foreign direct investment (FDI) globally, ...
Ronald Mears, Benjamin Manasoe
Working Paper
A history with evidence: Income inequality in the Dutch Cape Colony
The arrival of European settlers at the Cape in 1652 marked the beg...
Johan Fourie, Dieter von Fintel
Working Paper
Impact of the Current Crisis on Development Thinking
Prof Bheki Sibiya, Director and Head of Wits Business School, cordi...
John Williamson
Technology, human capital, growth and institutional development: Lessons from endogenou...
Policy Paper (Interest) 13 This paper provides a discursive review ...
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
The wealth of some and the poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Paper (Interest) 20 The economic growth performance of Sub S...
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper
The new partnership for African development: Africa’s response to its underdevelopment
Policy Paper (Interest) 22 The economic development gap been Africa...
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper

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