Keyword: International Organization

Dr Channing Arndt on Building back fairer from the Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa
Post-pandemic, South Africa’s economy finds itself in a constrained...
Margaux Giannaros, Channing Arndt
Part 4: Building back for a sustainable future
The discussion is based on two papers: “Building back fairer ...
Witness Simbanegavi, Matthew Simmonds, IFPRI, GIZ, ERSA, Channing Arndt
Dr Matthew Stern on understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
An issue often overlooked in many discussions is that of exports an...
Matthew Stern
Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy
The discussion is based on two papers: Covid-19 and Lockdown Polici...
Sherman Robinson, Montford Mlachila, Matthew Simmonds, Marianne Matthee, Matthew Stern
Prof Andreas Wörgötter on addressing current and persisting challenges in South Africa’...
At a time when tensions are rising due to growing inequality and un...
Andreas Wörgötter
Part 2: Recovery policies and labour utilization
The discussion is based on two research papers: Recovering from COV...
Matthew Simmonds, Witness Simbanegavi, Sherwin Gabriel, Romain A. Duval, Murray Leibbrandt, Andreas Wörgötter
Prof Nicola Viegi on evaluating the near future of monetary policy in SA: Sailing into ...
Only three times in the last century has monetary policy been re-ev...
Nicola Viegi
Part 1: Monetary policy and Covid-19 in South Africa
The discussion is based on Sailing into the Wind: evaluating the (n...
Matthew Simmonds, Nicola Viegi, Mamokete Lijane, Konstantin Makrelov, Gina Schoeman
The relationship between renewable energy and retail electricity prices: Panel evidence...
The centrality of electricity to everyday life is indisputable, and...
George A. Thopil, Anneri M. Oosthuizen, Roula Inglesi-Lotz
Policy Brief
Bilateral Investment Treaties and Investor State Disputes
Bilateral Investment treaties have been a source of political contr...
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil
Working Paper
Emerging multinational corporations: Theoretical and conceptual framework
Given the looming significance of emerging multinational corporatio...
André C. Jordaan, Mustafa Sakr
Policy Brief
Latecomer challenge: African Multinationals from the periphery
Multinationals from emerging markets display different characterist...
Grietjie Verhoef
Working Paper
The role of international institutions of global governance in steering globalization
Globalization is a historical process, as it traces back to the 14t...
Charles V. R. Wait, T. A. Thibane
Working Paper
Official revisions to SA national accounts data: Magnitudes and implications
Policy Paper 10 This paper investigates the bias and dispersion in ...
Corné van Walbeek
Policy Paper
Electricity Intensities of the OECD and South Africa: A Comparison
Improving a country’s electricity efficiency is considered one of t...
Roula Inglesi-Lotz, James N. Blignaut
Working Paper
The new partnership for African development: Africa’s response to its underdevelopment
Policy Paper (Interest) 22 The economic development gap been Africa...
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper

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