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Delivering a difficult MTBPS
Running up to the elections next year, this was a difficult MTBPS t...
Published: 3 November 2023
Margaux Giannaros, Isaah Mhlanga
Banks’ Physical Footprint and Financial Technology Adoption
Working Paper 888 Do physical bank branches moderate the diffusion ...
Published: 26 September 2023
Bernardo Ricca, Lucas A. Mariani, José Renato H. Ornelas
Working Paper
South Africa’s future will be decided in our cities
Discussion Document 14 South Africa’s cities face multiple, overlap...
Published: 23 June 2023
Dieter von Fintel, Justin Visagie, Ivan Turok, Takwanisa Machemedze, Claus Rabe, Sebastian Galiani, Edward Glaeser
Discussion Document
Isaah Mhlanga on a positive MTBPS: getting to know Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana
After our new Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered his first...
Published: 12 November 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
Dr Matthew Stern on understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
An issue often overlooked in many discussions is that of exports an...
Published: 5 August 2021
Matthew Stern
Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy
The discussion is based on two papers: Covid-19 and Lockdown Polici...
Published: 29 July 2021
Sherman Robinson, Montford Mlachila, Matthew Simmonds, Marianne Matthee, Matthew Stern
Isaah Mhlanga on SA Budget 2021: Good news from SA’s 2020 Monetary and Fiscal Policy De...
Joining ERSA’s host in this podcast is Isaah Mhlanga, a Chief Econo...
Published: 19 February 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
The effects of technology intensity in manufacturing on CO2 emissions: Evidence from de...
Industrialisation is recognised as important for developing countri...
Published: 15 January 2021
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo
Working Paper
Nicola Viegi on the South African economic response to the Coronavirus: policies and pr...
Nicola Viegi, Deputy Director of ERSA, talks with Margaux G on the ...
Published: 8 April 2020
Nicola Viegi
The J-Curve Phenomenon: Evidence from Commodity Trade Between South Africa and the Unit...
Across the world, efforts by countries to gain international compet...
Published: 7 May 2019
Hammed Amusa, David Fadiran
Policy Brief
Risk Preferences and the Impact of Credit and Insurance on Farm Technology Uptake
We use a series of credit and insurance simulation games to test th...
Published: 27 March 2019
Martine Visser, Kerri Brick, Hafsah Jumare
Working Paper
Regional economic effects of changes in South Africa's electricity generation mix
This paper examines the long-run regional economic effects within S...
Published: 6 August 2018
Jonathan M. Horridge, Roula Inglesi-Lotz, Heinrich R. Bohlmann, Lardo Stander, Elizabeth L. Roos
Working Paper
The Comfort of the Future: The Role of Social Norms in Constructing the Ideal towards S...
In light of the high energy consumption associated with Heating Ven...
Published: 3 July 2018
Joseph O. Akotey, Nyankomo Marwa, Love O. Idahosa
Policy Brief
Rural Electrification policy: The potential in micro hydro electricity
Developing countries particularly those within the Sub-Saharan Afri...
Published: 4 June 2018
Mary Karumba, Edwin Muchapondwa
Policy Brief
Does Infrastructure Really Explain Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Given the well-known public infrastructure deficit in Sub-Saharan A...
Published: 4 July 2017
Odongo Kodongo, Kalu Ojah
Policy Brief
The Interdependence between the Saving Rate and Technology across Regimes: Evidence fro...
This paper hypothesises that the saving rate and technological prog...
Published: 24 March 2017
Kevin S. Nell, Maria M. De Mello
Policy Brief
The Nexus between Infrastructure (Quantity and Quality) and Economic Growth
This paper examines the growth effects of infrastructure stock and ...
Published: 8 March 2017
Chengete Chakamera, Paul Alagidede
Working Paper
Does Infrastructure Really Explain Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?
In the light of Africa’s palpable deficit in public infrastructure,...
Published: 14 December 2016
Odongo Kodongo, Kalu Ojah
Working Paper
The Impact of Basic and Social Infrastructure Investment on Economic Growth and Social ...
Basic and social infrastructure investment can assist in addressing...
Published: 27 October 2016
Derick Blaauw, Talita Dalton-Greyling, Henk Gnade
Policy Brief
Construction, institutions and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa
The construction sector in developing countries has propelled econo...
Published: 11 July 2016
Jones O. Mensah, Paul Alagidede
Policy Brief
Output Decomposition in the Presence of Input Quality Effects: A Stochastic Frontier Ap...
How do physical capital accumulation and Total Factor Productivity ...
Published: 6 June 2016
Yasmina R. Limam, Stephen M. Miller, Giampaolo Garzarelli
Policy Brief
Foreign Firm Ownership and Productivity Spillovers in the Southern African Development ...
The study uses firm level data from the World Bank Enterprise Surve...
Published: 13 April 2016
John P. Dunne, Nicholas Masiyandima
Working Paper
The role of international institutions of global governance in steering globalization
Globalization is a historical process, as it traces back to the 14t...
Published: 17 July 2015
Charles V. R. Wait, T. A. Thibane
Working Paper
Programmatic Procurement: A Political Economy Review of the Transnet Freight Rail Compe...
Public procurement policies in a nation such as South Africa do not...
Published: 9 June 2015
Ayabonga Cawe
Policy Brief
Programmatic Procurement: A Political Economy Review of the Transnet Freight Rail Compe...
Procurement policies in a country like South Africa have been targe...
Published: 30 July 2014
Ayabonga Cawe
Working Paper
Programmatic Procurement: A Political Economy Review of the Transnet Freight Rail Compe...
Procurement policies in a country like South Africa have been targe...
Published: 30 July 2014
Ayabonga Cawe
Working Paper
Institutional dynamics and capital accumulation: Evidence from Namibia and Tanzania
The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of institutions ...
Published: 7 December 2012
Bernhard P. Zaaruka
Working Paper
Infrastructure development and economic growth in South Africa: A review of the accumul...
Policy Paper 12 This paper provides a broad overview of the relatio...
Published: 3 October 2012
Johannes W. Fedderke, Rob Garlick
Policy Paper
International benchmarking of South Africa’s infrastructure performance
Policy Paper 07 The paper provides a first systematic, comprehensiv...
Published: 3 October 2012
Johannes W. Fedderke, Željko Bogetic
Policy Paper
From chimera to prospect: South African sources of and constraints on long-term growth,...
Policy Paper 01 The paper takes stock of South Africa’s past growth...
Published: 3 October 2012
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Measuring the indirect costs associated with the establishment of a wind farm: An appli...
Although a green energy source, the location of electrical generati...
Published: 25 September 2012
Mario du Preez, Gordon Menzies, Michael C. Sale, Stephen G. Hosking
Working Paper

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