Keyword: Social Programmes

Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy
The discussion is based on two papers: and Understanding South Afr...
Sherman Robinson, Montford Mlachila, Matthew Simmonds, Marianne Matthee, Matthew Stern
Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old ...
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
Joseph Ajefu, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Does Child Support Grant incentivise childbirth in South Africa?
We consider the perverse incentive that can be created for poor hou...
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
How Buoyant Is the South African Tax System? An ARDL Approach
This study aims to scrutinize the responsiveness of the South Afric...
Nyasha Mahonye, Baneng Naape
Working Paper
Does household net financial wealth explain the asymmetric reaction of household consum...
Ndou et al (2019) showed that, in absolute terms, the decline in ho...
Eliphas Ndou
Working Paper
Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Organisms in Cape Town: A Choice Experime...
This paper reports a study done on Cape Town consumers, with the ai...
Herbert Ntuli, Benjamin Dovey
Working Paper
Prof. Estian Calitz on Fiscal Sustainability in South Africa: what are the shortcomings...
Shortly after the Minister of Finance gave his Supplementary Budget...
Estian Calitz
The household effects of very large electricity tariff hikes in Zambia
This paper simulates the real household expenditure effects of elec...
Akabondo Kabechani, Mashekwa Maboshe, Grieve Chelwa
Policy Brief
Random Expected Utility Theory with a Continuum of Prizes
This note generalizes Gul and Pesendorfer’s random expected utility...
Wei Ma
Working Paper
The impact of statistical learning on violations of the sure-thing principle
This paper experimentally tests whether violations of Savage’...
Aylit T. Romm, Nicky Nicholls, Alexander Zimper
Working Paper
A regional perspective on Aid and FDI in Southern Africa
The global trend for official development assistance continues to d...
Henri Bezuidenhout
Policy Brief
Begging the Question: Permanent Income and Social Mobility
The extent of social mobility is one of three key considerations &#...
Sean Muller
Working Paper
Who would eat more with a food voucher programme in South Africa
What might seem like a good idea for satisfying the hungry is likel...
Jan H. van Heerden
Policy Brief
The private sector has a role to play in cash transfers programmes in Africa
Arguments for greater participation by the private sector in growth...
Sheshangai Kaniki
Policy Brief

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