JEL code: I38

Welfare and Poverty: Government Programs; Provision and Effects of Welfare Programs

How would providing UBI impact structural poverty?
This podcast adopts a refreshing view on what Universal Basic Incom...
Margaux Giannaros, Zimbali Mncube, Kelle Howson
Can a universal basic income contribute to breaking structural poverty in South Africa?
Discussion Document 03 Much of the debate about the introduction of...
Zimbali Mncube, Kelle Howson
Discussion Document
Universal Basic Income: How the experience in developing countries can inform the discu...
Discussion Document 01 This paper considers how the COVID-19 pandem...
Jéssica Gagete-Miranda
Discussion Document
The effects of technology intensity in manufacturing on CO2 emissions: Evidence from de...
Industrialisation is recognised as important for developing countri...
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo
Working Paper
Measuring energy poverty in South Africa based on household required energy consumption
Energy poverty is a major concern in most of developing countries w...
Steven F. Koch, Yuxiang Yeú
Working Paper
On sensitivity of Genetic Matching to the choice of balance measure
This paper considers the sensitivity of Genetic Matching (GenMatch)...
Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old ...
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
Joseph Ajefu, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Does Child Support Grant incentivise childbirth in South Africa?
We consider the perverse incentive that can be created for poor hou...
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
A fiscus for better economic and social development in South Africa
After showing that the bulk of government expenditure is unproducti...
Francois J. Stofberg, Jan H. van Heerden, Heinrich R. Bohlmann
Working Paper
Does the choice of balance-measure matter under Genetic Matching?
In applied studies, the influence of balance measures on the perfor...
Martin Wittenberg, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Who benefits from South African Child Support Grant: The role of gender and birthweight
Stunting (low height-for-age) is known to be a good proxy for a chi...
Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Can social grants promote small-scale farming to improve food security?
Public expenditure on South Africa’s cash transfer (or social grant...
Louw Pienaar, Dieter von Fintel
Policy Brief
The Impact of Basic and Social Infrastructure Investment on Economic Growth and Social ...
Basic and social infrastructure investment can assist in addressing...
Derick Blaauw, Talita Dalton-Greyling, Henk Gnade
Policy Brief
Effects of wildlife resources on community welfare: Income, poverty and inequality
This paper demonstrates the importance of wildlife in the portfolio...
Edwin Muchapondwa, Herbert Ntuli
Working Paper
The Economic Approach to Fertility: A Causal Mediation Analysis
This study develops an economic fertility model which explicitly in...
Working Paper
The Economic Approach to Fertility: A Causal Mediation Analysis
This study develops an economic fertility model which explicitly in...
Steven F. Koch, Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala
Working Paper
Recurrent Property Rates - The Search for a Fair Tax Conducive to Economic Growth
The conflict between the need to attend to acute poverty in the pre...
David Garber
Policy Brief
The Effect of Land Restitution on Poverty Reduction Among the Khomani San "Bushmen" in ...
This paper looks at the impact of land restitution involving the Kh...
Johane Dikgang, Edwin Muchapondwa
Working Paper
State pension payouts boost migrant job prospects for household members
Large cash transfers to elderly South Africans, in the form of gove...
Anne Case, Victoria Hosegood, Cally Ardington
Policy Brief
Finding the benefits: Estimating the impact of the South African child support grant
The paper estimates the impact of the South African Child Support G...
Marisa Coetzee
Working Paper
Who would eat more with a food voucher programme in South Africa
What might seem like a good idea for satisfying the hungry is likel...
Jan H. van Heerden
Policy Brief
The private sector has a role to play in cash transfers programmes in Africa
Arguments for greater participation by the private sector in growth...
Sheshangai Kaniki
Policy Brief

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