How would providing UBI impact structural poverty?

22 November 2022
JEL Code: D69, E62, I38

This podcast adopts a refreshing view on what Universal Basic Income means for South Africa. Joined by Kelle Howson and Zimbali Mncube from the institute for Economic Justice, ERSA’s host delves into a broader sociological view which allows the benefits of a universal basic income to be explored beyond the well-known economic constraints like affordability. Using evidence from a pool of literature, we explore various misconceptions related to universal basic income. For example, how lazy does rolling out a universal basic income make people? Currently South Africans are fractionalized, unemployment is high, and the risks of social unrest are mounting. How can evidence on universal basic income inform policy decisions to mitigate these issues? Shedding light on the relationship between growth and inclusion, this podcast teaches us why Universal Basic Income policy cannot be isolated, but rather ought to be coordinated with other policies addressing growth and employment in the economy. Enjoy!

Economic Research Southern Africa
Economic Research Southern Africa
How would providing UBI impact structural poverty?

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