JEL code: D63

Equity, Justice, Inequality, and Other Normative Criteria and Measurement

Bridging the Divide in Economics
The ERSA Bridging the Divide in Economics initiative focuses on rep...
BTD Workshop
Human capital inequality and electoral outcomes in South Africa
This paper examines the nature and evolution of horizontal and vert...
Nonso Obikili, Biniam E. Bedasso
Working Paper
Effects of wildlife resources on community welfare: Income, poverty and inequality
This paper demonstrates the importance of wildlife in the portfolio...
Edwin Muchapondwa, Herbert Ntuli
Working Paper
Financial development and income inequality in Africa: A panel heterogeneous approach
Although the financial sector of Africa has witnessed massive refor...
Anthanasius F. Tita, Meshach J. Aziakpono
Working Paper
Estimating Income Mobility When Income is Measured with Error: The Case of South Africa
There are long-standing concerns that household income mobility is ...
Asmus Zoch, Stephan Klasen, Rulof P. Burger
Working Paper
Intergenerational earnings mobility and equality of opportunity in South Africa
The paper estimates the degree of intergenerational earnings persis...
Patrizio Piraino
Working Paper
Islamic Economics: Still in Search of an Identity
The last few decades have seen a phenomenal growth of the emerging ...
Abdulkader C. Mahomedy
Working Paper
A reconsideration of what and who is middle class in South Africa
In this paper, we revisit ‘what and who’ is middle clas...
Justin Visagie, Dorrit Posel
Working Paper
Settler skills and colonial development
The emphasis on location-specific factors, such as climate or disea...
Johan Fourie, Dieter von Fintel
Working Paper
Rarer Actions: Giving and Taking in Third-Party Punishment Games
In attempting to understand cooperation, economists have used the m...
Simon Halliday
Working Paper
Indirect Taxation and Gender Equity: Evidence from South Africa
This paper explores the equity implications of indirect or consumpt...
Daniela Casale
Policy Brief
Income Inequality, Reciprocity and Public Good Provision: An Experimental Analysis Begg...
This paper analyses the impact of income inequality on public good ...
Andre Hofmeyr, Martine Visser, Justine Burns
Working Paper

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