JEL code: Q51

Valuation of Environmental Effects

The South African - United States Sovereign Bond Spread and its Association with Macroe...
The yield spread of South African to United States 10 year governme...
Published: 18 August 2020
Johannes W. Fedderke
Working Paper
Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Organisms in Cape Town: A Choice Experime...
This paper reports a study done on Cape Town consumers, with the ai...
Published: 31 July 2020
Herbert Ntuli, Benjamin Dovey
Working Paper
The effects of presentation formats in choice experiments
Although stated-preference surveys take various forms, the use of e...
Published: 24 October 2019
Johane Dikgang, Genius Murwirapachena
Policy Brief
Skills, employment, strong local institutions and good relationships between people and...
Subsistence poaching can severely threaten biodiversity and communi...
Published: 25 September 2019
Herbert Ntuli, Edwin Muchapondwa, Amanda Linell, Aksel Sundström, Sverker C. Jagers, Martin Sjöstedt
Policy Brief
South African attitudes about nuclear power: The case of the nuclear energy expansion p...
Excessive use of fossil fuels is widely acknowledged as one of the ...
Published: 6 August 2018
Nomsa P. Nkosi, Johane Dikgang
Policy Brief
Recreation Demand and Optimal Pricing for International Visitors to Kruger National Park
Sustainable financing of conservation is a key challenge in develop...
Published: 7 May 2018
Edwin Muchapondwa, Samson Mukanjari, Eyoual Demeke
Policy Brief
South African attitudes about nuclear power: The case of the nuclear energy expansion
The objective of our study is to investigate households’ attitudes ...
Published: 10 January 2018
Nomsa P. Nkosi, Johane Dikgang
Working Paper
Economic valuation of forest ecosystem services in Kenya: Implication for design of PES...
Forest ecosystem services are critical for human well-being as well...
Published: 25 July 2017
Edwin Muchapondwa, Boscow Okumu
Policy Brief
A comparison of the values of water inflows into selected South African estuaries: the ...
Estuaries are open access public goods in the sense that it is diff...
Published: 7 January 2015
Stephen G. Hosking, Johane Dikgang
Working Paper
Estimation of optimal conservation fees for international park visitors in the Kgalagad...
This paper estimates the visitation demand function for Kgalagadi T...
Published: 19 November 2013
Johane Dikgang, Edwin Muchapondwa
Working Paper
The Economic Evaluation of Dryland Ecosystem Services in the South African Kgalagadi by...
This study seeks to value ecosystem services in the Kgalagadi area ...
Published: 24 October 2013
Johane Dikgang, Edwin Muchapondwa
Working Paper
Adaptation to climate change by smallholder farmers in Tanzania
In Sub-Saharan Africa, climate change is set to hit the agricultura...
Published: 26 September 2012
Edwin Muchapondwa, Coretha Komba
Working Paper
Does One Size Fit All? Heterogeneity in the Valuation of Community Forestry Programs?
Through the implementation of a choice experiment valuation exercis...
Published: 25 September 2012
Steven F. Koch, Dambala Gelo
Working Paper

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