JEL code: I32

Measurement and Analysis of Poverty

Place-based economic policies: international lessons for South Africa
Discussion Document 11 Place-based policies are designed to support...
Harris Selod, Claus Rabe
Discussion Document
The effects of technology intensity in manufacturing on CO2 emissions: Evidence from de...
Industrialisation is recognised as important for developing countri...
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo
Working Paper
Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old ...
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
Joseph Ajefu, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Does Child Support Grant incentivise childbirth in South Africa?
We consider the perverse incentive that can be created for poor hou...
Umakrishnan Kollamparambil, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
Black living standards in South Africa before democracy: New evidence from heights
Very little income or wage data was systematically recorded on the ...
Kris Inwood, Johan Fourie, Bokang Mpeta
Working Paper
Effects of wildlife resources on community welfare: Income, poverty and inequality
This paper demonstrates the importance of wildlife in the portfolio...
Edwin Muchapondwa, Herbert Ntuli
Working Paper
Recurrent Property Rates - The Search for a Fair Tax Conducive to Economic Growth
The conflict between the need to attend to acute poverty in the pre...
David Garber
Policy Brief
Heights and development in a Cash-Crop Colony: Living standards in Ghana, 1870-1980
While Ghana is a classic case of economic growth in an agricultural...
Jörg Baten, Gareth Austin, Alexander Moradi
Working Paper
The wealth of the Cape Colony: Measurements from probate inventories
The stylized view of the Dutch Cape Colony (1652-1795) is of a poor...
Johan Fourie
Working Paper
What are the Distributional Implications of Halving Poverty in South Africa when Growth...
The South African government has set a target of halving poverty by...
Fiona Tregenna
Working Paper
Who would eat more with a food voucher programme in South Africa
What might seem like a good idea for satisfying the hungry is likel...
Jan H. van Heerden
Policy Brief
The wealth of some and the poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Paper (Interest) 20 The economic growth performance of Sub S...
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper