Author Name: Brent Cloete

Brent Cloete is an economist with 16 years’ experience analysing and advising on firm decisions and government policies relating to economic development and climate change across Africa.   He understands the complexities involved in the net-zero transition and engages regularly with companies, policymakers, donors, multilateral organisations, and civil society. He is currently the Director of Connect Economics.  His expertise include identifying, understanding, managing and disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities, as well as assessing the attractiveness of mitigation options, and low-carbon investment enablers and barriers. Previously he was a Director at DNA economics for 12 and half years, today he finds himself involved with DNA as an Associate. Before joining DNA Economics, Brent was a senior associate at Genesis Analytics for 5 years. He holds a master’s degree from Stellenbosch University. 

CVM3 Regional Workshop Presentation: Southern Africa
Global temperatures have already increased by 1.1°C relative to pre...
Brent Cloete
Workshop Presentation
Climate Vulnerability of Southern Africa
Occasional Paper 03 Global temperatures have already increased by 1...
Brent Cloete
Occasional Paper

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