Transformation, Job Creation and Subsidies to Creative Industries: The Case of South Africa’s Film and Television Sector

12 December 2013
Publication Type: Policy Brief, Working Paper
JEL Code: E24, J23, L82, Z1, Z11

Many governments have tried to stimulate economic growth via policy on the creative industries. South Africa is no different but additionally has an overarching aim of achieving social and labour market ‘transformation’ to move away from the legacy of the apartheid era. The effectiveness of incentives provided to the film and television sector in South Africa are considered in terms of their stated objectives of job creation, skills and knowledge transfer and the attraction of foreign direct investment. Informed by empirical analysis of incentive scheme data and supplemented by elite interviews with key informants, some specific policy revisions are proposed.

Series title: Working paper 401
1 December 2013
Journal: International Journal of Cultural Policy
6 January 2014
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