JEL code: J23

Labor Demand

Who benefits from being self-employed in urban Ghana?
The income gap between the self-employed and wage earners is of int...
Adeola Oyenubi
Policy Brief
The Sectoral Employment Intensity of Growth in South Africa
Concerns have been expressed recently about the inability of the So...
Njabulo Mkhize
Working Paper
Occidental Rationalism: Its Early Impact on the Foundations of Modern Science
Rationalist thought has had a deep and lasting impact on modern civ...
Abdulkader C. Mahomedy
Working Paper
Transformation, Job Creation and Subsidies to Creative Industries: The Case of South Af...
Many governments have tried to stimulate economic growth via policy...
Jen D. Snowball, Alan Collins
Policy Brief
Returns to Schooling: Skills Accumulation or Information Revelation?
This paper explores the degree to which imperfect information in th...
Ssekabira Ntege, Steven F. Koch
Working Paper
Does training benefit those who do not get any? Elasticities of complementarity and fac...
Commentators claim a shortage of skills, particularly artisanal lab...
Alberto Behar
Working Paper
Who benefits from being self-employed in urban Ghana
This paper explores the earnings gap between the self-employed and ...
Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper

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