JEL code: Z11

Cultural Economics: Economics of the Arts and Literature

Art investment as a portfolio diversification strategy in South Africa
Art has been suggested as a good way to diversify investment portfo...
Brett Scott, Jen D. Snowball, Ferdi Botha
Working Paper
Art Critic Index: A Proxy for Cultural Value in the Context of the South Africa Art Market
This study creates a proxy for cultural value by constructing an Ar...
Michael Stevenson, Catherine Kannemeyer, Matthew Olckers
Working Paper
Art in Africa: Market Structure and Pricing Behavior in the South African Fine Art Auct...
In contrast to the international market in major centers such as Ne...
Kaini Li, Johannes W. Fedderke
Working Paper
Transformation, Job Creation and Subsidies to Creative Industries: The Case of South Af...
Many governments have tried to stimulate economic growth via policy...
Jen D. Snowball, Alan Collins
Policy Brief

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