Competition policy and regulation in digital markets

23 June 2022
Event type: Workshop
15 July 2022, 5:00pm
15 July 2022, 5:00pm
Event date: 30 September 2022, 4:00pm
to 1 October 2022, 5:00pm
Location: Stellenbosch

A 1-day ERSA workshop took place on 30th September  2022 in Stellenbosch. During the workshop prominent academics working in the field of Industrial Organization and Digital Economics provided short lectures on relevant competition and regulatory issues in digital markets. In the remaining time, workshop participants presented their research and discussion papers.

Workshop Program

  • Elvis Avenyo (University of Johannesburg): Digital platforms and development: A survey of the literature
  • Yegnanew Shiferaw (University of Johannesburg): Analysis of gender gaps and differences in access to and use of digital technologies in small areas of South Africa: An application of the spatial Fay-Herriot model
  • Grace Nsomba (University of Johannesburg, CCRED):  The regulation of interconnection and regulatory alignment in the Southern African Development Community
  • Petrus Potgieter (UNISA):  The profitability of flat-price broadband with an over-the-top subscription content product-benefits from cooperation.
  • Zubair Patel (University of Cape Town, Acacia Economics): The impact of mobile phones on change in employment status in South Africa
  • Wawa Nkosi (University of Stellenbosch): The relationship between mergers and cartels in South Africa
  • Dumakude Nxumalo (University of Pretoria): Estimating bank substitutability using personal transactional account usage in South Africa
  • Jan-Louis van Tonder (Genesis Analytics): The impact of household energy efficient products on consumers’ willingness to pay: implications for regulation
  • Wihan Marais (University of Stellenbosch): Competition between mobile telecoms firms from a global perspective
  • Julius Nyamwena (University of Johannesburg, CCRED): Online platforms as a route to markets, a case study of Airbnb South Africa and South African accommodation industry
  • Megan Friday (Acacia Economics): The Law and Economics of potential competition in digital markets: case studies in online intermediation platforms
  • Prince Chingole (University of Stellenbosch): A review of prohibited mergers: MIH/WBC