South African Modelling Network (SAMNET) Virtual Workshop: Emerging Markets back in the spotlight: Risks and policy options

27 June 2022
Event type: SAMNet Workshop
JEL Code: O23
Event date: 28 November 2022, 5:00pm
to 29 November 2022, 6:00pm
Location: Pretoria

Background and Objective: Emerging markets have been out of the news for almost two decades. They fared better than advanced economies during the Great Financial Crisis and benefited from the increased global liquidity in its aftermath. This fortunate constellation of events seems to be coming to an end and there are worries about emerging markets again.

Economic Research Southern Africa and CEPR are organizing a research conference with the aim of fostering debate on emerging market economies’ policy options. What are the problems awaiting EMEs, which of these are new, what are the empirical and theoretical frameworks through which we can analyze these issues? The conference will be a venue to discuss the current research on emerging markets, as well as debating open questions in research and policy.

Keynote speakers:  Laura Alfaro (Harvard and CEPR) and Javier Bianchi (Minneapolis Fed.)

Organising committee: Refet Gurkaynak (Bilkent University and CEPR) Mamokete Lijane (Absa Capital) Giovanni Ricco (University of Warwick, CEPR, ERSA) Luchelle Soobyah (South Africa Reserve Bank) Xolani Sibande (South Africa Reserve Bank) Nicola Viegi (University of Pretoria and ERSA)

This event will be live streamed on the day. 

For more information visit our SAMNet site.


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