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Gracelin Baskaran on how environmental policies may impact South African trade
One month after COP28, we record our first podcast of 2024. As the ...
Published: 7 January 2024
Margaux Giannaros, Gracelin Baskaran
Competition policy and regulation in digital markets
A 1-day ERSA workshop took place on 30th September  2022 in Stellen...
Published: 23 June 2022
Zubair Patel, Yegnanew Shiferaw, Wihan Marais, Wawa Nkosi, Prince Changole, Petrus Potgieter, Paul Dunn, Megan Friday, Lukasz Grzybowski, Julius Nyamwena, Jan-Louis van Tonder, Grace Nsomba, Elvis K. Avenyo, Dumakude Nxumalo, Alexander Zimper
Structural Constraints on the Economcy, Growth and Political Economy Webinar
Monday 14 February 2022, Pascual Restrepo (Boston University), R...
Published: 8 February 2022
Pascual Restrpo
Dr Channing Arndt on Building back fairer from the Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa
Post-pandemic, South Africa’s economy finds itself in a constrained...
Published: 19 November 2021
Margaux Giannaros, Channing Arndt
Isaah Mhlanga on a positive MTBPS: getting to know Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana
After our new Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered his first...
Published: 12 November 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
Part 4: Building back for a sustainable future
The discussion is based on two papers: “Building back fairer ...
Published: 10 November 2021
Witness Simbanegavi, Matthew Simmonds, IFPRI, GIZ, ERSA, Channing Arndt
Part 2: Recovery policies and labour utilization
The discussion is based on two research papers: Recovering from COV...
Published: 16 July 2021
Matthew Simmonds, Witness Simbanegavi, Sherwin Gabriel, Romain A. Duval, Murray Leibbrandt, Andreas Wörgötter
Prof Nicola Viegi on evaluating the near future of monetary policy in SA: Sailing into ...
Only three times in the last century has monetary policy been re-ev...
Published: 1 July 2021
Nicola Viegi
Part 1: Monetary policy and Covid-19 in South Africa
The discussion is based on Sailing into the Wind: evaluating the (n...
Published: 1 July 2021
Matthew Simmonds, Nicola Viegi, Mamokete Lijane, Konstantin Makrelov, Gina Schoeman
Isaah Mhlanga on permanent spending habits: what to listen for while politicians campaign
It is not often that a country has an opportunity to allocate windf...
Published: 30 April 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
Isaah Mhlanga on SA’s Budget Speech: adopting a business-friendly approach
After the challenges raised by Covid-19 and the increasing risks co...
Published: 5 March 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
CANCELLED: 'Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy'
***Keynote Speaker*** Kenneth Scheve (Stanford) The second Economi...
Submit paper: 21 February 2020
Published: 26 November 2019
Kenneth Scheve
Annual Economic Research Southern Africa Workshop on ‘Structural Constraints on the Eco...
Keynote Speakers: Axel Dreher from Heidelberg University James Rob...
Published: 16 July 2019
James Robinson, Axel Dreher
Nonlinearities in Financial Development–Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from sub–Sahara...
The impact of financial development on economic growth has received...
Published: 17 January 2018
Paul Alagidede, Muazu Ibrahim
Policy Brief
Shaping macroeconomic outcomes
Policy Paper 23 By early 2016, financial market participants had be...
Published: 18 July 2017
Christopher Loewald
Policy Paper
Foreign Firm Ownership and Productivity Spillovers in the Southern African Development ...
The study uses firm level data from the World Bank Enterprise Surve...
Published: 13 April 2016
John P. Dunne, Nicholas Masiyandima
Working Paper
Politics, Finance and Growth
The University of Pretoria, in conjunction with the South African R...
Published: 29 October 2015
‪Svetlana Andrianova‬, Robert Lensink, Peter Rousseau, Panicos Demetriades, David Fielding
Third Annual Financial Economics Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Atif Mian (Princeton University) Following the fir...
Published: 3 September 2015
Atif Mian
Optimal Public Investment, Growth, and Consumption: Fresh Evidence from African Countries
This paper develops a model positing a nonlinear relationship betwe...
Published: 14 October 2014
Augustin K. Fosu, Yoseph Y. Getachew, Thomas H. W. Ziesemer
Working Paper
Second Annual Financial Economics Workshop
Following the first workshop on financial economics in Cape Town in...
Published: 7 July 2014
Sascha Steffen, Franklin Allen
Inflation and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Southern African Development Countries
In this paper we investigate the role of inflation rates in determi...
Published: 10 January 2014
Reneé van Eyden, Monaheng Seleteng, Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
Inflation and Economic Growth in the SADC: Some Panel Time-Series Evidence
In this paper we investigate the role of inflation rates in determi...
Published: 10 January 2014
Reneé van Eyden, Monaheng Seleteng, Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
Nominal GDP Targeting and the Monetary Policy Framework
A nominal income target may provide credibility to a commitment to ...
Published: 19 November 2013
Shakill Hassan, Christopher Loewald
Working Paper
Sources of Subsectoral Growth in South Africa
While South Africa’s growth performance has improved somewhat in re...
Published: 18 September 2013
Fiona Tregenna
Working Paper
First Annual Financial Economics Workshop: Financial Economics and the Nexus of Growth,...
The recent financial crisis has challenged our understanding of the...
Published: 6 September 2013
UCT Graduate School of Business
Economic Growth and Inequality: Evidence from the Young Democracies of South America
We investigate in this paper whether income growth has played any r...
Published: 24 July 2013
Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
Achieving Higher Growth and Employment: Policy options for South Africa
Using a dynamic computable general equilibrium model, the paper pro...
Published: 14 May 2013
David Faulkner, Christopher Loewald, Konstantin Makrelov
Working Paper
What are the Distributional Implications of Halving Poverty in South Africa when Growth...
The South African government has set a target of halving poverty by...
Published: 23 September 2012
Fiona Tregenna
Working Paper
A regional perspective on Aid and FDI in Southern Africa
The global trend for official development assistance continues to d...
Published: 21 September 2012
Henri Bezuidenhout
Policy Brief
The role of human and social capital: Extending our understanding
Policy Paper (Interest) 11 Human capital, institutions and social c...
Published: 27 September 2001
Barbara Piazza-Georgi
Policy Paper
Technology, human capital, growth and institutional development: Lessons from endogenou...
Policy Paper (Interest) 13 This paper provides a discursive review ...
Published: 27 September 2001
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
The contribution of growth in total factor productivity to growth in South Africa: 1970-97
Policy Paper (Interest) 16 This paper is concerned with revealing t...
Published: 27 September 2001
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Transhumant Pastoralism, Climate Change and Conflict in Africa
We consider the effects of climate change on seasonally migrant pop...
Published: 1 January 1970
Nathan Nunn, Eoin F. McGuirk
Working Paper

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