JEL code: L83

Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism

Random Expected Utility Theory with a Continuum of Prizes
This note generalizes Gul and Pesendorfer’s random expected utility...
Wei Ma
Working Paper
Evaluating Non-Linear Approaches in Forecasting Tourist Arrivals
Quantitative methods to forecasting tourist arrivals can be sub-div...
Ilse Botha, Andrea Saayman
Working Paper
Are arts events a good way of augmenting the economic impact of sports? The case of the...
Despite the debate about whether arts consumers are also sports con...
Jen D. Snowball
Working Paper
The impact of mega-events on tourist arrivals
While a mega-event is scheduled at least once every year somewhere ...
Maria Santana-Gallego, Johan Fourie
Working Paper
An economic analysis of sports performance in Africa
The purpose of this study is to develop insight into the socio-econ...
Riyas Fadal, John M. Luiz
Working Paper

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