JEL code: I1

Estimating a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve
This paper estimates a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve for South ...
Nicola Viegi, Vincent Dadam
Working Paper
Social distancing in macroeconomic models
The paper introduces voluntary social distancing to the canonical e...
Yoseph Y. Getachew
Working Paper
Efficiency of provincial public healthcare in South Africa
Background Forty-nine million people or 83 per cent of the entire p...
Goodness C. Aye, Victor Ngobeni, Marthinus C. Breitenbach
Working Paper
Parental bargaining and rural-urban child health differential in Tanzania
This paper extends the empirical analysis of child health by simult...
Justine Burns, Alfred K. Mukong
Policy Brief
Lifestyle and Income-related Inequality in Health in South Africa
Evidence suggests that lifestyle factors may explain the income-rel...
Hana Ross, Corné van Walbeek, Alfred K. Mukong
Working Paper
Demand-side determinants of access to healthcare services: Empirical evidence from Africa
Better health status is influenced by access to health care, among ...
Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo, Josue Mbonigaba
Policy Brief
Has South Africa’s Investment in Public Health Care Improved Health Outcomes?
South Africa’s total expenditure on health equates to almost 9% of ...
Jugal Mahabir, Talita Dalton-Greyling, Lucas Bidzha
Policy Brief
The Demand for Reproductive Health Care
This research formalizes the interactions between the various deter...
Steven F. Koch, Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala
Working Paper
User Fee Abolition in South Africa: 1994 and 1996
In addition to birthing a new Democracy, 1994 was the beginning of ...
Steven F. Koch
Policy Brief
Panel: Health financing and regulatory reforms
On 6 February 2014 ERSA hosted a symposium in Stellenbosch on Criti...
Anja Smith
Policy Brief
Economic aspects of universal health coverage
This brief sums up the findings of his presentation, focusing on th...
Peter C. Smith
Policy Brief
Lessons on governance for the move towards universal health coverage in South Africa
Goudge’s presentation emphasised that appropriate governance mechan...
Anja Smith
Policy Brief
Health insurance or food for the family? An examination into unintended consequences
Policy Paper 15 In developing countries, where health insurance is ...
Steven F. Koch, Olufunke Alaba
Policy Paper

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