Panel: Health financing and regulatory reforms

5 June 2014
Publication Type: Policy Brief
Economic Theme: Public Finance
Keyword: Healthcare
JEL Code: I1, I11, I18

On 6 February 2014 ERSA hosted a symposium in Stellenbosch on Critical Choices Regarding Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The symposium included a panel discussion on ‘Health financing and regulatory reforms’.

The panel was chaired by Andrew Donaldson (National Treasury) and four panellists participated:

  • Mark Blecher (National Treasury)
  • Nicola Theron (Econex)
  • Alex van den Heever (University of the Witwatersrand)
  • Brian Ruff (Discovery Health)


The objective of this brief is to encourage public discussion amongst practitioners, policy makers, academics and NGOs on the broad process of health system reform in South Africa.

Research Brief 14
1 May 2014

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