Remittances and sustainability of family livelihoods in Zimbabwe: Case Study of Chegutu Town

26 June 2014
Publication Type: Working Paper
JEL Code: D1, D10, J11, R1

Zimbabwe had witnessed socio-economic challenges that resulted in mass exodus of its populace across its boarders mainly from the late 1990s. Migration can be individual or household strategy for survival and remittances play a role in transforming the household income. Making use of ordinary least squares estimation techniques, this article examines the impact of international remittances on sustainability of family livelihood in small mining town of Chegutu located in Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe using survey data. I found out that remittances go a long way in providing income for basic services like municipal services, food, medical expenses and disturbingly to a lesser extent education.

Working paper 440
1 June 2014
Journal: Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies