JEL code: J24

Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity

Human capital and the timing of the first birth
This paper constructs and partially characterizes the solution of a...
Jesse Naidoo
Working Paper
College Major Choice, Spatial Inequality and Elite Formation: Evidence from South Africa
This paper explores the determinants of college major choice in the...
Biniam E. Bedasso
Policy Brief
Optimal Monetary Policy with Learning by Doing
I study the implications of learning by doing in production for opt...
Chris Redl
Working Paper
The Effects of Teacher Strike Activity on Student Learning in South African Primary Sch...
This paper investigates whether teacher strikes affect student achi...
Gabrielle Wills
Policy Brief
Social Capital and Human Capital in the Colonies: A Study of Cocoa Farmers in Western N...
I examine the relationship between social and human capital in colo...
Nonso Obikili
Working Paper
Happy in the Informal Economy? A Case Study of Well-Being Among Day Labourers in South ...
Past research provided evidence of the negative effect that individ...
Phillip F. Blaauw, Rinie Schenck, Ilse Botha, Christie Schoeman
Working Paper
Micro-evidence on day labourers and the thickness of labour markets in South Africa
The South African labour market is characterised by sharp segmentat...
Waldo F. Krugell, Phillip F. Blaauw
Working Paper
English Language Proficiency and Earnings in a Developing Country: The Case of South Af...
In this paper we explore the relationship between English language ...
Dorrit Posel, Daniela Casale
Working Paper
Returns to Schooling: Skills Accumulation or Information Revelation?
This paper explores the degree to which imperfect information in th...
Ssekabira Ntege, Steven F. Koch
Working Paper
Does training benefit those who do not get any? Elasticities of complementarity and fac...
Commentators claim a shortage of skills, particularly artisanal lab...
Alberto Behar
Working Paper
Schooling as a Lottery: Racial Differences in School Advancement in Urban South Africa
This paper develops a stochastic model of grade repetition to analy...
Murray Leibbrandt, David Lam, Cally Ardington
Working Paper
The role of human and social capital: Extending our understanding
Policy Paper (Interest) 11 Human capital, institutions and social c...
Barbara Piazza-Georgi
Policy Paper
Technology, human capital, growth and institutional development: Lessons from endogenou...
Policy Paper (Interest) 13 This paper provides a discursive review ...
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper

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