Exchange rate pass-through to import prices in South Africa: Is there asymmetry?

20 September 2012
Publication Type: Working Paper
JEL Code: C32, D31, E31, E44, O11, O54

This paper examines the magnitude and speed of exchange rate pass-through to import prices in South Africa. It further explores whether the direction and size of changes in the exchange rate have different pass-through effects on import prices, that is, whether the exchange rate pass-through is symmetric or asymmetric. The findings of the study suggest that ERPT in South Africa is incomplete but relatively high. Furthermore, ERPT is found to be higher in periods of rand depreciation than appreciation, which supports the binding quantity constraint theory. There is also evidence to suggest that pass through is slightly higher in periods of small changes than large changes in the exchange rate in harmony with the menu cost theory when the invoices are denominated in the exporters, currency.

Series title: Working Paper 079
1 July 2008
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