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COVID-19 and the South African Economy
As South Africa looks to navigate itself out of a COVID-induced rec...
Published: 1 September 2022
Discussion Document
Dr Matthew Stern on understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
An issue often overlooked in many discussions is that of exports an...
Published: 5 August 2021
Part 3: International perspectives and South Africa’s trade policy
The discussion is based on two papers: Covid-19 and Lockdown Polici...
Event: 11 August 2021
Published: 29 July 2021
Dominant Firms and the Economy by Thomas Philippon
The topic for the fourth virtual meeting is Dominant Firms and the ...
Event: 7 March 2022
Published: 1 December 2020
The behaviour of the real effective rate of South Africa: is there a misalignment
The debate about the equilibrium level of the South African rand an...
Published: 18 July 2017
Policy Brief
Debunking the myth that a legal trade will solve the rhino horn crisis: A system dynami...
There is considerable debate in the literature over whether or not ...
Published: 28 May 2015
Working Paper
The importance of courts for trade credit in East African manufacturing firms
This paper examines the importance of courts for trade credit among...
Published: 3 October 2012
Policy Paper
Ethnic reunion and cultural affinity
Ethnic reunion is the propensity of tourists to travel to regions w...
Published: 26 September 2012
Working Paper