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  • Manoel Bittencourt

    Executive Committee
    Research Director

    Manoel is a Brazilian/British economist whose areas of research are growth and development economics. He focuses on the role of political-regime characteristics on government size and macroeconomic performance, and in the determinants of democracy. He has also studied the determinants of fertility rates within unified growth theory. His papers have appeared in journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Economic Modelling, Economic Systems, Economics of Governance, Economics of Transition and Institutional Change, Journal of Economic Policy Reform and Journal of Policy Modelling.

  • Lucas Mariani

    Executive Committee
    Policy Associate

    Lucas holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina, a Master's degree from the University of Sao Paulo, and a bachelor's degree from the Sao Paulo School of Economics. He is a Policy Associate at ERSA since June 2021. His research interests lie in the intersection between finance, macroeconomics, development economics, and firm dynamics, especially on the real effects of financial development.

  • Nicola Viegi

    Board / Executive Committee

    A graduate from the Scottish Doctoral Programme in Economics, he has held positions at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and at the University of Cape Town. His main areas of research are economic policy theory, macroeconomic modeling and regional macroeconomic integration. Current research includes inflation targeting under uncertainty, monetary policy and assets prices, macroeconomic integration in Southern Africa.

  • Neryvia Pillay Bell

    Executive Committee
    Policy Associate / Workshop Convenor / Training

    Neryvia is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, a Policy Associate at ERSA and a Research Fellow at the South African Reserve Bank. Her research interests lie in the field of public economics covering topics such as labour markets, education, health, social grants, inequality and taxation.

  • Margaux Giannaros

    Media Liaison
  • Christopher Loewald

    Director and Fellow

    Chris is the Head of the Economic Research Department at the South African Reserve Bank, responsible for forecasting, global economic analysis, and the writing of the Monetary Policy Review.  He is a member of the SARB’s Monetary Policy Committee and Financial Stability Committee.From 2006 to 2011 he was the Deputy Director-General for Economic Policy in the National Treasury and worked extensively on economic growth and governance, including contributions to the Growth Commission of the World Bank, the Committee on IMF Governance Reform (2009), and the development of the country’s relation

  • Yoemna Mosaval

    Program Coordinator
  • Guangling Liu

    Executive Committee
    Editor Publications
  • Megan Matthews

    Program Coordinator
  • Isaah Mhlanga


    Isaah is the Chief Economist of Alexander Forbes. In this position, he’s responsible for formulating the macroeconomic strategy for the business, which entails identifying systemic economic risks and opportunities that benefit the business and its clients. He contributes to Alexander Forbes investment process through generating the macro framework for asset allocation and investment committee.

  • Lukasz Grzybowski

    Executive Committee
    Workshop Convenor
  • Gloria Halland

    Office Manager
  • Matthew Simmonds

    Board / Executive Committee
    Executive Director

    Matthew has extensive experience in economic policy. He was responsible for the Budget and Public Finance portfolios in his role as a deputy director-general at the National Treasury. While at the International Monetary Fund, Matthew supported member countries with fiscal analysis and the development of fiscal and budget frameworks.