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Working Papers

Antitrust Analysis for the Internet Upstream Market: a BGP Approach

Alessio D’Ignazio & Emanuele Giovannetti
In this paper we study concentration in the European Internet upstream access market. The possibility of measuring market concentration depends on a correct definition of the market itself; however, this is not always possible, since, as it is the case of the Internet industry, very often Antitrust...
Apr 2006
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Forecasting Investment Needs in South Africa’s Electricity and Telecom Sectors

Željko Bogetic and Johannes W. Fedderke
The paper uses a 52-country panel-data for the period 1980-2002 to estimate demand for electricity and telecom services and, based on these estimates, project investment needs in South Africa through 2010 for two growth scenarios. Projections of average annual investment needs in electricity and...
Apr 2006
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A fixed point characterization of the dominancesolvability of lattice games with strategic substitutes

Alexander Zimper
This note demonstrates that a lattice game with strategic substitutes is dominancesolvable if and only if there exists a unique fixed point of the function that results from an iteration of the best response function. This finding complements a result of Milgrom and Roberts’ (1990) by which a...
Jan 2006
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Does Human Generate Social and Institutional Capital? Exploring Evidence From Time Series Data in a Middle Income Country

Johannes Fedderke and John Luiz
This paper presents an analysis of the interaction of human capital investment and the development of social and political institutions. We find that human capital matters - for growth through its quality dimension; for distributional conflict by raising political aspirations. But human capital...
Mar 2005
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DEA Applied to a Gauteng Sample of South African Public Hospitals

Kibambe Jacques Ngoie & Steven K Koch
The ability of the South African government to provide antiretroviral medication to those in need will be determined by the ability of the public health services sector to efficiently provide that medication. If the delivery of other health services can be used as a guide, the goals of the anti-...
Sep 2006
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