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  •  Tuesday May 11,  4-5pm (CAT): Tim Kohler (UCT), “COVID-19 and the labour market: Estimating the causal employment effects of South Africa’s national lockdown"

Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy

SAMNET Virtual Workshop: 28 - 30 June 

Fiscal Policy and Fiscal-Monetary Interdependence in South Africa

Fiscal policy and fiscal-monetary policy interdependence are central for the macroeconomic stability of South Africa and its future development and growth. The South African Macroeconomic Network (SAMNET) announces an international workshop to explore current research in the area. South African and international researchers are invited to submit papers strictly related to the topic of the workshop.

Please email [email protected] and [email protected] for paper submission, deadline is on 04th June.

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