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Workshop date
Wed, 20 March 2013 to Fri, 22 March 2013
Workshop location
Cape Town

The Economics of Apartheid

Apartheid remains a contentious issue. It's political, social and economic causes remain open to debate; its consequences a popular vindication for the slow speed of convergence between white and black South Africans eighteen years after South Africa became a democracy.

Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) would like to invite participants to the ninth workshop of the ERSA Economic History Research Group on The Economics of Apartheid: An empirical investigation into its causes and consequences. Full papers and paper ideas can be presented, although preference will be given to full papers. Young scholars are encouraged to attend, especially those with an interest in micro-datasets. The workshop will also coincide with Human Rights Day.

Date: 20-22 March 2013

Place: Cape Town

Number of participants: The number of participants will be limited to the funding available. Preference will be given to those participants that present full research papers. Funding: Travel expenses in South Africa will be covered and accommodation for the duration of the workshop will be provided by the ERSA Economic History Working Group.

Requirements: Participants will be required to submit a comprehensive abstract of 500 words by 11 February 2013. All abstracts must be sent to [email protected]

Workshop information
Workshop papers
Business Associations, the State and Enterprise in South Africa: a review of the Apartheid Years, 1948-1980
Deconstructing Profitability in the Late Apartheid Period: 1960-1989
Income Inequality in the Gauteng City-Region - Sources and Decompositions
Industrialisation under Apartheid: The Case of the Industrial Development Corporation
Towards an African Wage Series
If Neither Capitalism nor Communism then what? D.F. Malan's Ideological and Economic Ambivalence, 1895-1954
Apartheid: A Complex Heritage
Settlement Patterns, Apartheid Geography and the Modern Labour Market
The South African Model of Economic Modernity: Market Regulation and Social Exclusion in a Colonial and Post-colonial Society
Apartheid Geography: the Political Economy of Labor Controls and Structural Change
The Exchange Control System under Apartheid
Economic Integration but political apartheid? The Wiehahn Commission and the Role of White Organised Labour in Industrial Reform, 1977-1980