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ERSA Seminar on Industrial Organization and the Economics of Digital Transformation

Zoom invite is distributed before each seminar.
Wednesdays, 14:00 (CAT)

The objective of this virtual seminar is to bring together South African and international researchers working on questions related to Industrial Economics and Digital Transformation, exchange ideas and provide feedback in order to expand research capacity and feed into research-driven policy making on the African continent.

The seminar takes place on Wednesdays at 14:00 (South African time) via Zoom. Meeting code will be distributed per email before each seminar. To receive the invitation and to register for these webinars, please subscribe to ERSA mailing list here.

Some of the previous seminar recordings can be found here.

If you are interested in presenting your research, please, contact Lukasz Grzybowski: [email protected]

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Past events


  • November 17: Måns Söderbom (University of Gothenburg), Worker Turnover and Job Reallocation: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data

  • November 11 at 6pm CAT: Emma Riley (University of Washington), Peer effects in technology adoption: Evidence from mobile banking in Ghana 

  • October 28: Agnieszka Postepska (University of Groningen), Household demand and willingness to pay for grid electricity: Evidence from Burkina Faso

  • October 14: Philippe LeMay-Boucher (Heriot-Watt University), Contrasting the Impacts from two Formal Savings Devices: Evidence from a field experiment in Benin.

  • October 6: Justice Tei Mensah (IFC, The World Bank Group), Saving Lives through Technology: Mobile Phones and Infant Mortality in Africa
  • September 22:Laura Barasa (University of Nairobi), Mobile Money: An Antidote to Petty Corruption?
  • July 7: Jessica Rudder (University of California Davis): "Search Costs and Relational Contracting: The Impact of a Digital Phonebook on Small Firms in Tanzania"
  • April 28: Dante Donati (Universitat Pompeu Fabra):  "Mobile Internet access and political outcomes: Evidence from South Africa"
  • January 27: Petrus Potgieter (University of South Africa): "Uncertainty and Dispute Resolution for Blockchain and Smart Contract Institutions"


  • December 9: Dillon Tarr (Rhodes University): "Readiness of African small, medium and micro enterprises for the 4th industrial revolution"

  • November 18: Kehinde O. Omotoso (University of South Africa): "Estimating the relationship between gender digital divide and women's labour market outcomes in South Africa" 

  • November 4: Yegnanew A Shiferaw (University of Johannesburg): “Localised estimates of digital gender divides in South Africa: How different are men and women really”

  • October 21: Sha’ista Goga (Acacia Economics): "Mapping digital platform market power and enforcement issues for South Africa: insights from tourism, banking and e-commerce"

  • October 14: Lukasz Grzybowski (UCT): "How Bundling Impacts Firms' Entry Decisions: Evidence from Broadband Internet"

  • July 29: Ryan Hawthorne (Acacia Economics): "Narrowing the 'digital divide': the role of complementarities between fixed and mobile data in South Africa"

  • July 15: Catia Batista (Nova School of Business and Economics): "Is Mobile Money Changing Rural Africa? Evidence from a Field Experiment"

  • July 8: Shilpa Aggarwal (Indian School of Business): "Saving for multiple financial needs: Evidence from lockboxes and mobile money in Malawi"

  • July 1: Valentin Lindlacher (ifo Institute for Economic Research, University of Munich): "The digital divide in Sub-Saharan Africa: How does broadband Internet affect agglomeration"

  • June 17: Georges Vivien Houngbonon (International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group): "Access to electricity and digital connectivity: Evidence from mobile phone metadata"

  • June 10: Alison Gillwald (Research ICT Africa): "New digital deal for South Africa: addressing digital inequality for post COVID-19 economic and social reconstruction"

  • June 3: Onkokame Mothobi (University of Botswana): “Mobile phones and financial inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa”

  • May 27: Roan Minnie (University of Stellenbosch), "Bargaining competition and vertical mergers"

  • May 20: Wawa Nkosi (University of Stellenbosch), "Cartels and cartel enforcement in South Africa"
  • May 13: Prince Changole (University of Stellenbosch), "Merger enforcement in South Africa"

  • May 6: Willem Boshoff (University of Stellenbosch), "Excessive pricing during Covid-19"

  • April 29: Daniela Bove (Competition Commission), “Smart regulation in the digital ecosystem: Is South Africa fit for the Digital Age”

  • April 15: Lukasz Grzybowski (UCT) “Impact of roaming regulation on revenues and prices of mobile operators in the EU”, joint with Angela Munoz