Research and Recommendation Programme (RRP) Director

The Financial and Fiscal Commission (FFC) exists to provide proactive, expert and independent advice on promoting a sustainable and equitable IGFR system, through evidence-based policy analysis to ensure the realisation of our Constitutional values. Its visions is to provide influential advice for an equitable, efficient and sustainable Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations system.
RRP Director
Financial and Fiscal Commission
The purpose of this role is to provide leadership to the research unit in order to produce research which enables the FFC to provide expert and independent advice on promoting a sustainable and equitable IGFR system.
It is envisaged that the key outputs of the RRP Director will be to:
  • Provide input for long-term policy and strategic planning requirements of the RRP Unit;
  • Develop and implement relevant research policy guidelines and directives;
  • Advance the IGFR knowledge-generation and the dissemination according to a prescribed set of key performance indicators;
  • Conduct quality assurance to ensure that the required research content is delivered;
  • Promoting dialogue on policy research through workshops and seminars;
  • Cultivate a professional relationship with parliament, government, academia and related organisations within the intergovernmental fiscal relations environment;
  • Achieve efficient and effective research management and administration by focusing on the financial planning, human capital management and risk management of the research unit; and
  • Assist the FFC in communication and disseminating Commission work and research findings.
Strategic Capability and Leadership, Programme and project management, Problem solving and analysis, Service Delivery and Innovation.
PhD in Macroeconomics or Public Finance with specific reference to econometric and other macro-economic modeling
Minimum 10 years’ experience in the macroeconomic research gained within the public finance or intergovernmental fiscal relations system environment.
R1,127,334.00 per annum
Applications must be accompanied by a curriculum vitae.
Closing date:
12 November 2018 at 12h00. No late applications will be accepted.
Applications for the above-mentioned position can be e-mailed to gift [at]
Women and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.