Veron Vukeya

Person Type: Awardee

Awardee affiliation: University of Zululand

Veron graduated for her Economics Bachelor’s Degree in 2009 with a merit pass at the University of Zululand. After having worked as a Local Economic Development facilitator with special focus on Economic Development Agencies and the Economies of Region Learning Network (ERLN) online platforms, Veron returned to university to further her studies.

In 2013, Veron obtained her Honours Degree Cum Laude and she is currently undertaking a Masters in Economics at the University of Zululand. Her research interests include macroeconomics, development and econometric analysis.  Her intended subject of study is the long-run impact of infrastructure investment in South Africa.

Veron’s goal after graduating is to become an economist specialising in economic policy analysis and macroeconomic research specifically focusing on development issues.

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