Senzo Peter Mthembu

Person Type: Awardee

Awardee affiliation: University of Cape Town

I, Senzo Peter Mthembu will be graduating this year (12th May) with my B.Com Honours in Economics at the University of Zululand and also hold a degree in Bachelor of Administration (Economics and Politics) which was obtained in 2015. I have always been fascinated by understanding how the general world of economics play out and all the macroeconomic policies involved, thus each day my human capital grows in understanding the important role of economics in government and all independent organisations in society. Therefore it no doubts that my area of specialisation can greatly assist in finding the right solutions to eradicate poverty and the political instability problems that seem to be prevailing lately, which will be a great impact for the emerging economy of SA.

I want to be a motivation for the youth around my community including my very own children thus letting them know that indeed anything is possible no matter where you come from so if you have a dream or a goal in life then you can achieve it with hard work and dedication, especially since I have always seen myself as an investment knowingly that a handful of people in my community have invested in me from an early age and my goal is to use a combination of my skills, experience, knowledge that I have mastered through my coursework and research skills to contribute greatly to the challenges faced by the South African economy.

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