Rowan Philip Clarke

Person Type: Awardee

Awardee affiliation: University of Cape Town

Rowan Clarke is a Master's student in Applied Economics at the University of Cape Town. His research interests include public policy, behavioural, and labour economics with a focus on poverty. He uses field experiments, and the econometric methods of program evaluation, to evaluate the causal impact of policies targeting the ultra-poor. Outside of formal coursework he has completed training in technical approaches for impact evaluations sponsored by the World Bank and introductory workshops in randomised evaluations with JPAL Africa. Since 2012 Rowan has voluntarily advised a large social enterprise – which provides clean, health promoting, and poverty reducing, energy to over 50 000 rural households – on survey design, behavioural design as well as pilot randomized evaluations. At present he is overseeing two pilot studies of both households, and optimal business models, in 32 rural villages in Rwanda. He previously studied the impact of state transfers on spatial mobility and migration in South Africa using NIDS data. Rowan has an Honours degree in Economics, and a Bachelors in Economics and Applied Statistics, with minors in Political Science and Philosophy, all with distinction, from the University of Cape Town.

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