Research Enabling Mechanisms

Economic Research Southern Africa (henceforth ERSA) is a research programme.

The primary objectives of this research programme are:

  • To provide for the management of a research programme focussed on growth, employment and broadening participation in the South African economy.
  • To create a network of economic researchers based in South African universities and to deepen economic research capacity in Southern Africa.
  • To expand and broaden economic research capacity in Southern Africa, train and mentor young economists and create a supportive network to link Southern African economic researchers.
  • To draw a broad and representative range of South African economists into a programme of policy-oriented research, and to encourage independent and expert economic research.

ERSA employs five mechanisms designed to facilitate research activity in economics:

  1. The establishment of Fellows & Associates.
  2. The provision of grants to research projects.
  3. The funding of research workshops.
  4. The funding of academic visitors to South Africa.
  5. Scholarships.