The Demand for Reproductive Health Care

Working paper 533
Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala and Steven F. Koch
Publication date: 
August, 2015
Journal of African Economies, 2018
This research formalizes the interactions between the various determinants of a woman's reproductive health behavior during her reproductive years, and, using nonparametric control functions, examines those determinants. The theoretical model is developed from Grossman's (2000) model of health as a form of human capital, focusing on the cyclicality and volatility of fecundity, as well as the potential costs (such as lost wages and direct costs of purchase) and benets (such as the ability to invest in her education and/or career) of being able to control or at least mitigate it. The empirical model, which controls for the endogeneity between sexual activity and contracepting decsions supports our theoretical model of reproductive health-seeking behavior.
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