Quality of life: validation of an instrument and analysis of relationships between dimensions

23 April 2019
Publication Type: Policy Brief
Economic Theme: Public Finance
JEL Code: C31, C38, O15, O18, R11

The conventional approach to measuring quality of life was centred on the use of income measures such as GDP. There has, however, been growing acceptance of the limitations of this approach and of the need for a more multifaceted measure of quality of life. For example, the Report by the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress states, “[t]he emphasis should be shifted from measuring economic production to measuring people’s wellbeing” (Stiglitz et al. 2009:12). People’s wellbeing reaches much wider than income and includes multiple dimensions, such as health, education, housing and social relationships.

Series title: Research Brief 185
1 April 2019
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