Construction and analysis of a composite quality of life index for a region of South Africa

21 November 2014
Publication Type: Working Paper
Economic Theme: Public Finance
JEL Code: C38, I31, O15, O18, R11

This study employs a novel approach to measure and analyse quality of life in the Gauteng City-Region of South Africa. A comprehensive composite index is constructed. Comparing the quality of life of different groups, groups such as Africans, residents in urban informal settlements and females scoring relatively low. The weighting of the dimensions of quality of life is compared across groups, with ‘housing and infrastructure’ and ‘social relationships’ explaining the most variance for groups with lower and higher quality of life respectively. The findings emphasise the unevenness of wellbeing. The study provides a basis for measuring and analysing quality of life in other countries.

Series title: Working paper 481
1 November 2014
Journal: Social Indicators Research
1 April 2017
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