A profile of the self-employed in Soweto in mid-1999, with gender disaggregation: A report on a field survey

27 September 2001
Publication Type: Policy Paper
JEL Code: D1, D10

This article gives a detailed profile of the self-employed of Soweto, with gender disaggregation, and with a comparison of human and social capital aspects with those of the population at large. It is based on a household survey, carried out in July 1999 for the wider purpose of researching the human and social capital of the Soweto community in general. This study has the particularity that the sample of the self employed is based on self-definition and probing: thus it includes an unusually wide range, from established entrepreneurs to those who are carrying on some kind of moneymaking activity to make ends meet (11% of the adult population are found to be self employed under the definition used in this study). There are special sections on the use of credit, on stokvel membership, comparing registered and unregistered businesses, and profiling those who consider themselves successful.

Series title: Policy Paper (Interest) 15
1 June 2000
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