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Working Papers

Eg. "Apr 2020"

Using Fractionalization Indexes: deriving methodological principles for growth studies from time series evidence

J. W. Fedderke; J.M. Luiz and R.H. J. de Kadt
Recent cross country growth studies have found that ethnolinguistic fractionalization is an important explanatory variable of long-run growth performance. This paper highlights some limitations of cross country studies by focusing on the time series evidence for South Africa. In presenting...
Jan 2008
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Has transition improved well-being? An analysis based on income, inequality-adjusted income, nonincome, and subjective well-being measures

Carola Gruen and Stephan Klasen
In this paper we examine trends in economic well-being in transition countries from 1988-2002. To do this, we examine economic performance, inequality-adjusted well-being measures, subjective well-being measures, and non-income dimensions of well-being. While for some of the transition countries in...
May 2005
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