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Policy Briefs


The private sector has a role to play in cash transfers programmes in Africa

Sheshangai Kaniki
Arguments for greater participation by the private sector in growth-boosting and poverty-reducing initiatives in Africa are intensifying with the mounting fear that the Millennium Development Goals will not be met. In "The Private Sector and Cash Transfers in Africa", (ERSA Working Paper No. 80)...
Aug 2009
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How an electricity tax will affect the South African economy

R. Seymore, P.D. Adams, M. Mabugu, J.H. van Heerden and J. Blignaut
An electricity tax imposed at the point of production in South Africa would reduce carbon dioxide emissions, albeit at the expense of a slight pullback in overall economic output, consumption and investment. According to researchers R. Seymore, P.D. Adams, M. Mabugu, J.H. van Heerden and J...
Sep 2009
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Higher levels of tax evasion in a corrupt economy, encourage policy making that hinders the functioning of private financial markets

Rangan Gupta and Emmanuel Ziramba
When amplified levels of corruption and reduced penalties for illegal behaviour encourage greater levels of tax evasion, the policy response will exacerbate measures that constrain the functioning of private‐sector financial markets. In the ERSA working paper “Tax evasion and financial repression:...
Feb 2009
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