Publication Type: Policy Paper

Building a competitive and dynamic green industrial sector in South Africa after COVID-19
Policy Paper 28 COVID-19 gave the world a glimpse of how devastatin...
Tendai Gwatidzo, Witness Simbanegavi
Policy Paper
Addressing low labour utilisation in South Africa
Policy Paper 27 South Africa’s stubbornly low labour utilisation ra...
Christopher Loewald, Konstantin Makrelov, Andreas Wörgötter
Policy Paper
Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
Policy Paper 26 South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest ...
Matthew Stern, Yash Ramkolowan
Policy Paper
Sailing into the Wind: evaluating the (near) future of Monetary Policy in South Africa
Policy Paper 25 This paper evaluates the main challenges facing Sou...
Nicola Viegi, Tumisang Loate, Ekaterina Pirozhkova
Policy Paper
Group identity in fairness decisions: discrimination or inequality aversion?
Policy Paper 24 This paper investigates issues of decision time and...
Eleni Yitbarek, Carolyn Chisadza, Nicky Nicholls
Policy Paper
Shaping macroeconomic outcomes
Policy Paper 23 By early 2016, financial market participants had be...
Christopher Loewald
Policy Paper
Inflating our troubles: South Africa’s economic performance and the exchange rate
Policy Paper 22 South Africa’s export performance has been disappoi...
Marina Marinkov, David Fowkes, Christopher Loewald
Policy Paper
Estimating South Africa’s output gap and potential growth rate
Policy Paper 21 This paper estimates the potential output of the So...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Daniel K. Mengisteab
Policy Paper
Sustainable growth in South Africa
Policy Paper 20 This paper considers a range of evidence surroundin...
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Stokvels as an instrument and channel to extend credit to poor households in South Afri...
Policy Paper 19 A stokvel can in general terms be defined as an umb...
Polly Mashigo, Christie Schoeman
Policy Paper
Analysis of the plastic-bag Levy in South Africa
Policy Paper 18 Policy makers in many countries have perceived plas...
Anthony Leiman, Martine Visser, Johane Dikgang
Policy Paper
Where you live matters: Urbanisation and labour markets outcomes
Policy Paper 17 Given apartheid’s legacy of irrational spatial plan...
Roy Havemann, Marna Kearney
Policy Paper
High unemployment yet few small firms: The role of centralized bargaining in South Africa
Policy Paper 16 South Africa has very high unemployment, yet few ad...
Jeremy R. Magruder
Policy Paper
Health insurance or food for the family? An examination into unintended consequences
Policy Paper 15 In developing countries, where health insurance is ...
Steven F. Koch, Olufunke Alaba
Policy Paper
Policy change and economic growth: A case study of South Africa
Policy Paper 14 South Africa’s growth experience provides an exampl...
David Faulkner, Christopher Loewald
Policy Paper
The impact of tobacco advertising bans on consumption - a cross country approach includ...
Policy Paper 13 Tobacco advertising bans have become commonplace in...
Evan Blecher
Policy Paper
Infrastructure development and economic growth in South Africa: A review of the accumul...
Policy Paper 12 This paper provides a broad overview of the relatio...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Rob Garlick
Policy Paper
Day labourers, unemployment and socio-economic development in South Africa
Policy Paper 11 One of the most visible forms of unemployment is th...
Catherina J. Schenck, Phillip F. Blaauw, Alet C. Harmse
Policy Paper
Official revisions to SA national accounts data: Magnitudes and implications
Policy Paper 10 This paper investigates the bias and dispersion in ...
Corné van Walbeek
Policy Paper
The importance of courts for trade credit in East African manufacturing firms
Policy Paper 09 This paper examines the importance of courts for tr...
Sheshangai Kaniki
Policy Paper
International financial architecture, macroeconomic volatility and institutions: South ...
Policy Paper 08 Through 43 years of history, this study identifies ...
Melvin Ayogu, Hashem Dezhbakhsh
Policy Paper
International benchmarking of South Africa’s infrastructure performance
Policy Paper 07 The paper provides a first systematic, comprehensiv...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Željko Bogetic
Policy Paper
School quality
Policy Paper 06 Achieving high levels of school quality is difficul...
Charles Simkins
Policy Paper
Higher education
Policy Paper 05 Statistical information on the output of universiti...
Charles Simkins
Policy Paper
Love and addiction: The importance of commitment
Policy Paper 04 The bilaterally monopolistic nature of relationship...
Steven F. Koch
Policy Paper
Fiscal incentives for research and development
Policy Paper 03 It is often argued that since the social return to ...
Bruce G. Teubes, Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Technical barriers to trade faced by South African SMME’s
Policy Paper 02 South Africa is an open economy, and, therefore, it...
Michael A. Peet, Steven F. Koch
Policy Paper
From chimera to prospect: South African sources of and constraints on long-term growth,...
Policy Paper 01 The paper takes stock of South Africa’s past growth...
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
The state of Public-Private-Partnerships - the State and Public-Private-Partnerships
Policy Paper (Interest) 17 This paper outlines the debates concerni...
Harry Zarenda
Policy Paper
A case of polarization paralysis: the debate surrounding a growth strategy for South Af...
Policy Paper (Interest) 01 This paper addresses two questions. The ...
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Forms of social capital in present-day Soweto: A factor analysis of household survey data
Policy Paper (Interest) 18 This paper analyses data on social capit...
Barbara Piazza-Georgi
Policy Paper
The nature of South Africa’s trade patterns by economic sector, and the extent of trade...
Policy Paper (Interest) 03 We explore changing trade protection of ...
Policy Paper
Economic integration, macroeconomic policy and micro markets
Policy Paper (Interest) 19 The New Partnership For Africa’s Develop...
Christopher Loewald
Policy Paper
Human and social capital in Soweto in 1999 - preliminary report on field study: Backgro...
Policy Paper (Interest) 04 This paper summarises data that were gat...
Policy Paper
The wealth of some and the poverty of Sub-Saharan Africa
Policy Paper (Interest) 20 The economic growth performance of Sub S...
John M. Luiz
Policy Paper
Changing factor market conditions in South Africa: The labour market - a sectoral descr...
Policy Paper (Interest) 05 This paper presents descriptive evidence...
Policy Paper

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