Isaah Mhlanga on SA’s Budget Speech: adopting a business-friendly approach

5 March 2021

After the challenges raised by Covid-19 and the increasing risks concerning South Africa’s fiscal sustainability, there were three objectives that the Finance Minister’s Budget Speech ought to have addressed.  Following on from a previous podcast, this podcast explores whether or not these objectives as well as the expectations of South Africans, were met. Once again, ERSA’s host speaks to Isaah Mhlanga, a Chief Economist at Alexander Forbes, who explains the importance of growing our tax-paying pool and what a realistic outlook is for our fiscal deficit, given the structural issues we are currently facing. With the Finance Minister adopting a more business-friendly approach, Isaah drops some hints on which indicators to watch in order to monitor which policies are being effective. With Isaah’s ability to cut through to what matters, this podcast is not to be missed!

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