Isaah Mhlanga on SA Budget 2021: Good news from SA’s 2020 Monetary and Fiscal Policy Decisions

19 February 2021
JEL Code: H12, H20, H50, H60, H63

Joining ERSA’s host in this podcast is Isaah Mhlanga, a Chief Economist at Alexander Forbes. Together they discuss expectations for the upcoming 2021 Budget Speech, which will be delivered next week. With the current state of the economy highlighting a growing budget deficit after the Covid-19 shock, what should happen to the alcohol excise tax, the tax relief for small businesses and the allocation of funds to SOEs? At a time when the Moody’s credit agency has South Africa on a negative outlook and is expecting investment to drive economic growth, Isaah delivers some good news from 2020’s monetary and fiscal policy decisions. Reflecting on the learnings from a year of unprecedented uncertainty, this podcast explores the next phase for economic policy. It is not to be missed for those of you interested in the fiscal multiplier, exposing corruption and what building confidence through sustainable growth policies means in a South African context.

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The beat used in this production, called ‘Resolutions’, is royalty free and can be found at freebeats.io.